(Feb. 2001)
Hey Girl~ Wishing you the warmth of friends, family, and loved ones close by...gifts happiness brings and the treasures money can't buy!

Today was another quiet and relaxing day. Actually, scratch the relaxing part...I spent most of the day chasing Ashlyn around. It's amazing how fast she moves now. With each passing day, Ashlyn becomes more gutsy and adventurous. Today she kept venturing out further into the kitchen, and even tried crawling up the stairs! *ZOIKS!* I really NEED to get the safety gate pronto! Now that she's gotten a taste of freedom, she won't sit in her mega-saucer the way she used to. And the HUGE bin of toys don't interest her anymore either. She prefers playing with the remote control, cordless phone, small shoebox, Aric's new extension cord, those free AOL cds, and tearing up our magazines. =P

Aric came home a little bit earlier from work to help me with a project. Afterwards, he grilled some burgers and chicken on the BBQ for dinner. We spent a nice evening playing with Ashlyn and watching "Smallville", "Dateline", and some home movies of Ashlyn. Watching the home videos made me realize that I rarely used the video camera. Ashlyn went from one month, to two months, to five months, then seven months. It was so weird seeing her so tiny at one month. I almost forgot what it was like when she was that small. *sigh*
Ashlyn's getting pretty good at pulling herself to a standing postion. She really enjoys standing up now and getting around by supporting herself on the furniture. Tonight she crawled in the tight space between our sofa and corner side table then got stuck and couldn't get herself out. Aric and I couldn't get her out either and had to pull the sofa out in order to rescue her. *Ugh!* Not fun. Anyhow, she kept me so occupied that I completely forgot to take pictures of her this afternoon. I was going to skip posting the "pic of the day" shots, but knew that I'd probably get a call from my mom. =P I got in a few shots of her tonight, but the lighting at night is horrible and the flash washes out everything. Oh well.

Nothing too exciting went on today. I'm feeling tired and lazy right now. I should head up to bed since Ashlyn's starting to get up much earlier these days.

goofy face

standing at the coffee table

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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