Today was a nice and quiet day. Ashlyn and I stayed in. I got some chores done around the house while Ashlyn watched PBS. I noticed that these days, Ashlyn watches television with much intensity. If I call her, she doesn't bother to look up...and if I get right in her face and block the view of the tube, she gets pissy. It's nice that she can concentrate on one thing for longer than 30 minutes, but I wonder if allowing her to watch TV at such a young age is good. Hmmm??? As of late, Ashlyn is mesmerized by "Teletubbies". I'm familiar with the characters since the whole Teletubbies craze exploded back in 1997....you know: Halloween costumes, lunch boxes, T-Shirts, and other paraphernalia. It got played out and a lot of grown ups thought they looked scary. They're not as hideous as I originally thought. The part of the show I like best is when they show real kids at play. Other shows Ashlyn loves to watch are "Between the Lions", "Jay Jay", "Caillou", and "Sesame Street". And even after ALL these years, I still love watching "Sesame Street". =D

Ivy, Cin, Mayu, Tally, Wil, and Sarah at the HAT & WIG party

Cin, Wil, and Sarah copping cheap feels off Tally...hehehe

Over the weekend, my girlfriends not only celebrated Wing's birthday, but Tally and Darwin's as well. Angel and some friends threw Tally and Darwin a joint birthday party...the theme was Hats or Wigs (or both). FUN! This morning Wil sent me pictures from the weekend...it looked like they had a blast! All my girlfriends looked smashingly great, I couldn't help but share! =D

Tonight Ashlyn and I got together with Ann and Emily for dinner at Koo Koo Roos. Ann has been so busy planning her wedding, we hardly see her anymore. I semi-jokingly scolded her for hanging out with Phil too much and for neglecting her friends. hehehe Yeah, I'm so uncouth for just blurting it out...but I think I used to see her more when I lived up North. Well, after September, she'll have the rest of her life to hang out with him.
Over dinner we talked about her wedding details and caught up with everyday gripes and such. It was really good to see Ann again. We couldn't stay long since Emily and I had some things to do afterward.

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn's profile...man, it's F-L-A-T!

Happy Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Ann

Emily and Ashlyn

Ann, Ashlyn, and Emily

Emily and I went over details for Ann's bachelorette party for a couple of hours. Without divulging too much information, I'll just say that we're going to have a really great time. =) Emily left shortly after Aric came home from hanging out with Ed and Sue. I'm feeling unusually tired tonight. I've been trying to get to all the emails in my inbox, so if I haven't responded yet...I will. Patience, Grasshopper. hehehe
Oh, before I forget, check out this site. Tony told me about it last Friday and I got a chance to look around....it's really fresh, funny, and extremely clever. This guy reminds me so much of my friend, Leev. Well G'Nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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