(Darwin with me, Cin, and Ivy -Nov. 2000)
Homeboy, you better blow out them candles before you start a fire! HAHAHA!
Wishing you a mah-velous birthday, dah-ling!

This morning we got up, got ready, and fought our way through traffic for nearly two hours up to Universal City...Ashlyn had an appointment to meet with a casting agent at noon. Don't give me that look. I'm not proactively trying to get Ashlyn into the biz. But if anyone is interested in using her, Aric and I aren't closed to the idea. Last week, while I was at Babies R Us, a lady camped out front had stopped me and asked me to sign Ashlyn up for print and commercial work. Right off the bat, I asked, "how much is this going to cost me?" She said it was free since they're constantly looking for asian babies for ads. I signed up and that was that. More than a few days later, someone contacted me and wanted to meet with Ashlyn...so today we went. The agency, Flashcast, was very impressive. As we waited (with several other kids and parents) in the waiting room, I checked out all the pictures on their Wall-of-Fame. They represent hundreds of kids (and adults) who were successful in landing commercials and print ads. We waited nearly an hour before we got called in. The agent who met with us talked really fast....probably exhausted from spewing the same lines repeatedly. Basically they offer a service of keeping your child's current photos readily available for any and all vendors interested. For this service, you pay $500 for enrollment and $100 a month for their services. Yeah, FREE, my ass! After his schpeal, he left us to dicuss it over in private. I looked at Aric and Bett and shook my head. Of course I think Ashlyn would do well...she's friendly, happy, easy to work with, and damn smiley all the time...but it's not something that I'm driven to get her in. Especially at this age. Perhaps when she's older and shows interest in this line of work...but not now AND not at those prices. When the guy came back, he asked, "Is it a NO or GO?"
Peg: "I'm sorry, but it's a NO."
He looked disappointed then rushed us out. Alrighty then...that was interesting.

We met up with Brian and Grace at Vie de France Restaurant & Bakery nearby for a quick bite. The weather was sunny and beautiful. We ate outdoors on the patio. Lunch was a bit rushed since Bett needed to be at the airport before 4pm and we didn't know how traffic was going to be heading back. We made it to John Wayne Airport in time to send Bett off. I can't believe how fast this weekend went by and I was so sad (and still sad) to see her go. =(
Maybe it's just me, but I wonder if Bett has the same concerns as I do about our friendship. In the past year, our once similar lives have gone in completely separate directions...at times, making it difficult to relate to one another. I have to constantly remind myself that everyone goes through different stages in life, and in time, we'll all be in the same place at the same time. *sigh* I should stop worrying. Anyhow, I'm truly thankful that she took the time from her incredibly hectic and stressful work schedule to come spend time with me. THANKS, Bett! *hugs*

After Aric and I got home, he fixed the brakes on his car then started putting his new desk together. I worked on uploading pictures and several pages of over-due journal entries. I also talked to my parents (who just got back today from a month long trip to China, Mongolia, and Siberia). My mom had sent brief emails from her trip to let us know that they were safe and having a great time. But I can finally breathe easy knowing they're back safe and sound.
Wil, who was out with the whole gang for dinner, called. I got a chance to talk with her for a little bit before her cellphone was passed around to Wing, Oli, Ivy, Matty, Cin, and Tony for a quick "Hi" & "Bye". =)

Pitures from today:

Aric and sleepy Ashlyn

Bett and Aric at Vie de France

Bett eating *YUM!*


glowing Grace

Bett and Ashlyn

me and Bett

Aric, Brian, Ashlyn, and Grace leaving

The evening was quiet. Aric holed up in his office most of the night while Ashlyn and I flipped between "The Jeff Corwin Experience", "Cartoon Network", and "Drive Me Crazy" before settling on "A Walk in the Clouds" and "The Practice". Ashlyn is so funny...she discovered the joys of crawling in and out of the space beneath her mega-saucer. A struggle she soon mastered.

Hoped everyone had a good weekend!...I know I did! =D

Ashlyn under her saucer

making her way out

almost there


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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