Hey Bud~ Wishing you a birthday full of all the fun, laughs, and fanfare you so deserve. I know the posse's taking you out tonight and I'm sorry I can't be there to join y'all. But I'll make it up to you next time, oka'?....Hustler Club sound good?! HAHAHA! =D

OH CRAP!...Ashlyn fell off the bed again this morning!....that makes it two days in a row! She was sitting on the bed this morning as I sat next to her on the carpet. As I was putting stuff into my purse, she flopped onto the floor right next to me. She landed sitting upright...looked a bit stunned but then crawled away like it was no big thing. Huh???? Ashlyn headed straight for Aric's Playstation games and console again. *sigh* She's getting into everything!

My dear friend Tony called me a couple of days ago saying that he'll be visiting the area this weekend. We had made plans to hang out today...so this morning Tony came over. I gave him the tour of my humble abode and we chatted while Ashlyn ate, then we headed out to Irvine Spectrum.
I know...I seem to take all of my friends there (or The Block, Newport Beach, and South Coast Plaza). But I don't really know where else to go. I'm not too familair with anything else unless I want to drive an hour out to the zoo or museum. We decided to stay in the area. Besides, the Bay Area lack centers/strip malls with a large variety and selection of restaurants, shops, and entertainment all wrapped in one place.

Tony and I had lunch at The Yard House. The baby quietly napped while we caught up with eachother and noshed on Hawaiian Poke Stack, Garlic Noodles with Shitake Mushroooms, Crab Cake Hoagie, and Kona Brewing Hefeweizen and Lager. *belch* =) Afterwards, we walked around enjoying the sun and sights. I persuaded Tony to get an Airbrush Tattoo. He's quiet the proper/conservative professional...but there is an adventurous streak in him (at least he's down to try anything once). hehehe We spent most of the afternoon walking around and talking. Then I took him to another Irvine hot-spot, Tapioca Express, for boba. hehehe
We got back to my place late in the afternoon, and Tony had to head to his friends' in Monterey Park. I guess it was a good thing...during the course of our time together, I forced him to drink beer at lunch, get a "tattoo", look at all the big-boobied girls at the mall, and listen to Backstreet Boys! Who knows...another hour with me and he might have gotten a piercing! HAHAHAHA! Thanks for a great time, Tony! =D

Tony prepped for a tatt

Tony and his cool arm art

Tony and Ashlyn

the 3 of us

Aren't I a lucky girl???...Not only did I get a visit from Tony today, but my best friend flew in tonight! Aric picked Bett up at the airport on his way home from work. As she walked in the door, she greeted me with a, "HONEY, I'M HOME!" Ahhh, music to my ears. =D I was sooooooo happy and excited to see her! We got together with Wey, Ed, Sue, James, Grace, and Lauren for dinner at Irvine China Garden. We ate an eleven course meal! No joke! It was crazy! We walked over to Tapioca Express afterward since some (surprisingly) still had room for dessert. Not me though...I was much too stuffed! =O~

The guys had computer stuff to do, so the gals and I hung out at Ed and Sue's, watched TV, and played with the lil' ones. Grace is still feeling fine....her baby must not want to come out. hehehe By midnight, the guys weren't close to being done, so Bett, Ashlyn, and I went home first. We tucked Ashlyn into bed then stayed up a bit longer to chat.

Pictures from tonight:

Ed and Sue

James and Grace

Aric and Wey

Ashlyn, Bett, me, and Lauren

random pic of my shirt

Today was so much FUN! Have a great weekend, yo! =D

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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