Grace called me this morning:
Peg: "Isn't today your due-date?!"
Grace: "Yeah, but I don't feel anything. I need to walk around to speed things up...you want to walk around with me?"
Peg: "Sure!"
Ashlyn and I went over to Grace's around noon...and together, we spent the afternoon at Fashion Island. We had a late and leisure lunch at the food court inside Bloomingdale's Home Store Atrium. I didn't realize how many stay-at-home moms cruise the malls during the day. The Atrium was filled with sooooo many kids and their mothers. As we ate, we watched kids play at the center fountain. Every now and again, I would ask Grace how she's feeling. I have to admit...I was real nervous knowing that her baby was due today. In the back of my mind, I played out different scenarios in case her water broke or if she went into labor. I was a mental wreak! She had to constantly reassure me that she was fine. Yeah, okay. *bite fingernails* =P

I exchanged an extra Ionic Breeze unit at The Sharper Image for an Oreck Vacuum Cleaner. Though I love our Ionic Breeze, I didn't think we needed another one. Besides, I had been eyeing the Oreck for a long time. My parents own an Oreck and it has got to be THE BEST vacuum cleaner in the world...of course you don't realize it until you're forced to use something else. After the exchange, we walked around in the hot sun window-shopping and enjoying the great weather. We left shortly before traffic became too unbearable.

Ashlyn and I got home around 5pm and rested until Aric got home. Once Aric came home, we picked up Patrick and went to my mother-in-law's for dinner. It's been a month since our last visit. *shame on us* My mother-in-law made us a nice dinner and spent time with her before stopping by Aric's grandmother's place. Both my mother-in-law and Aric's grandmother were surprised at how big Ashlyn has grown. She is really getting big. Aside from zipping around on the carpet, she began to pull herself up on people and furniture and side-stepping to get around. She falls on her bottom A LOT! Oh, speaking of falling....she fell off the bed again this morning. She was playing with the laundry basket and after she pushed it off the bed, she dove after it. I saw everything in slow motion and was helpless to do anything about it. Luckily, she landed on the circular laundry basket (which was tipped on it's side) and from there, it rolled and she landed softly on the carpet. Still, the fall scared her and she cried....for about a second...then saw her own reflection in the mirror and started laughing. GOOFY!
I know that Matty's going to call me after he reads this and make me feel bad about it. The last time Ashlyn fell off the bed, Matty called:
Matty: "What's wrong with Ashlyn's head?"
Peg: *alarmed* "What???...Why???"
Matty: *laughing* "It looks a bit bumpy."
BASTARD! *evil eye* Just wait until it's their turn!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and Lauren in Grace's car

Ashlyn and Lauren at the Atrium

Japanese Koi garden at Fashion Island

Ashlyn soaking up some sun

Lauren and Grace (and baby)

Lauren enjoying the train ride

Anyhow, today was eventful and the sun drained me of my energy. I slept all the way home from Aric's grandmother's place. I was so knocked out, I didn't even get a chance to say "bye" to Patrick when we dropped him off. hehehehe

Ashlyn on Aric's shoulders

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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