The carpet installers showed up bright and early this morning. For 7 hours straight they were busily moving furniture from room to room, removing old carpet, and installing the new carpet...and without a single break! I helped unplug all of our electronics, moved picture frames, candles, and all of the little knick-knacks that decorate and clutter each room. For the most part, I couldn't do too much since I needed to keep an eye on Ashlyn. Ashlyn spent nearly the entire day in her mega-saucer since there were a lot of exposed nails, staples, and debris all around. I was amazed that she sat in that thing for so long without a single peep...I think she was entertained by everyone working around her and making a lot of ruckus. Towards the afternoon, Ashlyn was so tuckered out that she napped while still sitting in her mega-saucer. hehehehe =)
By 3:30pm, the guys were done and I had a "brand new" house! =D

Here are some pictures...along with pictures of Ashlyn's room and the recently painted guestroom:

Before: Living room with insulation pad

After: Living room with new carpet

Before & After: Stairs

Freshly painted guestroom

Ashlyn's room

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, Aric and I worked on putting everything back into place. All of these recent home improvements has forced us to clean up and organize the entire house. It really does feel like moving into a new place. =)
It's funny...the whole reason for getting new carpet was because Ashlyn is getting around on her own now and the old carpet was stained, of poor quality, and started unraveling in one corner. But now with the nice new carpet, I'm hesitant to put her down on it. HAHAHAHA! =P

Tonight, while organizing, we watched "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" on TV. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen it, I absolutely love that movie!...especially the sequel. And now that "Goldmember" is coming out, I can't wait to see it. =)

*YAWN & wipe tired tears from eyes*...G'Nite!

Ashlyn napping

Ashlyn kissing Pooh-bear

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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