This morning I got up early anticipating the arrival of carpet installers...but they never showed up. I called Aric at work and asked him to call our salesperson. Aric called back saying that there was some sort of mix up in the scheduling, and they didn't have us on the list as we were told. Well shooooo, got up early for nothin'! =( New carpet tomorrow I guess.

I spent the day playing with Ashlyn, finally getting to some of my emails, cleaned up around the house, and watched "Friends" on DVD.
Ashlyn was really playful today. At times I wonder if her actions were an amazing fluke or if they were carefully thought out and executed. This afternoon she tried to "scare" me... by being really quiet and looking downward, then all of a sudden popping her head up and grunting something similar to "BOO!" I was really caught off guard by that. She was so proud of herself...she laughed hysterically and did it a couple of more times. And in five minutes, she'll make like a dozen different goofy faces. It's really hilarious! I'm sure every parent likes to think that they have a lil' genius on their hands. Me?...I don't know what to think. I just wonder where she gets it from and if it's normal. HAHAHAHA! With each passing day, I have so much fun getting to know her lil' personality. =D

When Aric came home from work, she tried to "scare" him too....although she did it a little differently. As Aric sat and played with her, she would lunge forward suddenly with her arms up and make the same almost-"BOO!" sound. HAHAHAHA!
Tonight was nice and quiet. I made dinner, then I watched "Gilmore Girls", "Smallville", and "Dateline" while Aric worked on computers. Aric's uncle dropped by to deliver something, and that was pretty much it.

*YAWN!*....I'm sleepy....G'Nite!

Ashlyn on the go

goofy face

another goofy face

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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