Hooray! Aric decided to take the day off today! We got up really early since someone came to measure our house from the carpet store. After the carpet guy left, Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to breakfast at IHOP's . It's been a really long time since Aric and I went to breakfast. It used to be a frequent ritual back in our dating days. I love how I can never decide what to order, and Aric ends up ordering one or the other so I can pick off his plate. Too bad he always contaminates it with Tabasco sauce. hehehe

We went to Home D and IKEA afterwards. I'm looking for a dresser for myself and Ashlyn, but didn't find anything I liked. We came back to the house, I did a few loads of laundry, and started painting the guest room. It was the only room in the house that wasn't painted. We would have had the painter do it, but we had already bought the paint a while back. Anyhow, painting took up the whole evening. We took a break in between for dinner, "Smallville", "Meet My Folks", and the baby's bath. After Ashlyn went down to bed, we finished up the painting. Damn!...it was so exhausting! We were rushed to paint that room because we're getting all new carpet tomorrow. Aric and I figured that should we drip paint, it's wouldn't be a big deal since it's going to be replaced. hehehe Which was a good thing, because while I was on the ladder (touching up the trim), I didn't realize that in my other hand I was tipping over the paint tray...causing me to spill A LOT of paint on the carpet! *Egads!* =/
So relieved that that's done and over. I'm glad to announce that I'm turning in my rollerbrush and paint-can for good. =D

Sorry for the short journal entry...today kept me quite busy, but it was great having Aric home today! =)

Ashlyn playing with her new tub from IKEA (only $3.95!)


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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