This morning Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to meet Brian at the Computer Show in Burbank. It wasn't as big as we had hoped, but decent enough I suppose. Computer shows don't interest me that much. As the guys walked around looking at computers, flat panel monitors, keyboards, etc... Basically checking out the going rates of other vendors. Ashlyn and I cruised around the show on our own. I was surprised to see some non-computer vendors there...such as the Beef/Turkey Jerky booth, the Miracle Mop booth, and the Amazing Glue booth. I also stopped by every cellphone accessories booth to check out the cute face plates and various dangling jewels you hang from your cellphone that light up. At one of those booths, I bought Ashlyn a cute little Beenie Baby dog. The minute I handed it to her, she ripped off the tag and chewed on it. *sigh* Oh well, it's not like we collect those anyway. We stuck around for over an hour, and for the most part, I parked the stroller near a LCD monitor vendor and watched part of a movie they played for display.

Aric and I left around 2:30pm and hit major traffic on the way home. We stopped off at K-Mart and Costco for some shopping, then came home. The flooring in Aric's home office is finally finished...trim and all. YAY! Aric moved all the stuff that has been cluttering our home for the past week back into that room. *whew!*

We spent the evening in front of the tube watching "The Simpsons" Summer Marathon and "Harry Potter and the Scorcerer's Stone". It's been a while since I've watched "The Simpsons"... and now that I have Ashlyn, I can honestly say that this show is completely inappropriate for kids. Actually a lot of cartoons, unless it's on PBS, has a lot of adult humor. I watch Cartoon Network religiously every night. It began right after September 11th when Aric would watch MSNBC or CNN for developing updates. I was toward the end of my pregnancy and seeing all of that was really depressing...so I would counteract it's affects by watching cartoons. Cartoon Network has a ton of different shows, and some of those shows are questionable...I love 'em, but still questionable. If I were a kid, watching something like "Courage-the Cowardly Dog" would totally freak me out. =P

Lately Ashlyn has been crawling right up to the TV and putting her grimey lil' paws or wet kisser on the TV screen. She ignores our constant commands, threats, and pleas. We either have to grab her away (in which she'll crawl right back) or turn off the TV. *Ugh!* It's very tiring. I know this is just the beginning of trying times ahead...Ashlyn's definitely very headstrong.
I don't know if you can tell from the above picture, but Ashlyn was born with TWO cowlicks. Not that it meant anything to me, but every Chinese person I've come across shakes their head with sympathy. Having two cowlicks symbolizes stubborness. It may just be one of those Chinese supertitions...I dunno. I just thought it was hereditary since both my mom and Aric's dad have two cowlicks. Hmmmmm.

Patrick came by tonight to pick up more computers. He stuck around to play with his niece and let her climb all over him. hehehe Today was a long day. Hoped you had a good weekend! =)

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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