HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lil' Emily!

May your day be as sweet and happy as you are! =D

I absolutely love the weekends! On those days (if Aric doesn't have to work one of his many jobs or go riding with Wey), then he'll take the baby and let me sleep in uninterrupted. This morning I got up around 11am, listened to Aric at play with Ashlyn downstairs, then got myself up and ready. Let me just say again...I LOVE THE WEEKENDS! =D

Today we went to look at carpets in Anaheim. Ed referred us to New York Carpets...a place his parent's used. They had a huge selection, service was friendly and helpful, and the price was EXCELLENT! Aric and I found the perfect berber carpet for our home. I just hope the color we selected isn't too light for a growing infant...you know, spilled juice, spit up, etc...
They will be measuring our home on Monday, and begin installation on Tuesday. I'm very excited! Our house is really coming along. =)
Aric: "The salesguy was really nice, huh?"
Peg: "Yeah."
Aric: "Didn't you think so?"
Peg: "I did, but I didn't want to be TOO friendly in fear that you might yell at me again." hehehe

We picked up a burrito and nachos at Alberto's Taqueria and headed home. While I watched TV, wrote out some checks, and played with Ashlyn, Aric worked on finishing up the laminate flooring. Ashlyn is really zooming around on the ground now. I spend most of my time chasing her, scooping her up, and bringing her back to the living room. She thinks it's a game, and crawls away repeatedly. After the gazillionth time, I got tired and decided to stay put...Ashlyn crawled away, looked over her shoulder, realized that I wasn't going to chase her, and turned back around. *roll eyes*

Liz came over this afternoon. She looked enviously healthy, tan, rested, and glowing from her honeymoon in Maui. Aside from seeing her at her wedding a couple of weeks ago, it's been a long time since we got together. I've been eager to catch up with her. Liz played with Ashlyn for a while....allowing Ashlyn to climb all over her. Aric took a break from flooring and offered to watch the baby so Liz and I could go to dinner together. Kickass! =D
Liz and I went to BJ's for dinner. The wait was ridiculously long, so we elected to eat at the bar. We sat on high stools at a counter-style table. Ordered drinks, appetizers, and salads. Prior to getting our food, a couple (a white guy and an asian girl) came up to ask if they could share our table. We nodded "yes" and continued our conversation. Not that we meant to eavesdrop (we were sitting at the same table afterall and I'm sure they can hear our conversation as well), but the couple was obviously on their first date. Liz and I talked the entire time, but once in a while we would catch part of their conversation, and the guy was throwing some cheesy lines to the girl. After a couple of beers, the guy started becoming touchy-feely and the girl started getting really giggly. *GAG* But what surprised me most was that when the bill came, the girl instinctively reached for it, and the fella thanked her without making an attempt. Move on, Girl...he's a scrub! Especially when he did ALL the ordering.
Anyhow, our dinner lasted 3 hours and I was beginning to feel guilty for being gone so long. I wrapped up my leftovers for Aric, and we headed home. Liz stayed well after the baby went to bed. I had a great time with her tonight. Dishing with her is like dishing with my girls back home. =)

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn napping...looky, only one sock! =(

me and Liz at BJ'S

Liz, Ashlyn, and me

Liz and Ashlyn

The office is pretty much done. Aric just needs to add the transition wood and the trim to the baseboards. It looks great! Aric really did an incredible job! *YAWN!* I'm tired. The Tatonka Stout I had with dinner made me sleepy. =) G'Nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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