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Today Ashlyn surprised me by waking up at 8am...almost four hours earlier than usual. Not that she went to bed any earlier the night before, but she had an abdundance of energy this morning. After getting us both ready, we ran the errands that we didn't get a chance to get to yesterday. The weather was really hot, and I tried to soak up as much sun as possible. =)
We went to Babies R Us at the Marketplace, then we met up with Grace and Lauren at Target. Afterwards, we hit up a couple of Hallmark stores then grabbed a snack at Jack in the Crack. I had a great time hanging out with Grace and Lauren. Lauren is such a cutie-pie. I remembered when she couldn't even talk yet...and now, she's such a chatter-box! I just love her cute baby voice! =D
I'm counting the days when Grace goes into labor. It really is any time now. Whenever she calls, I automatically ask, "Are you in the hospital?!" She just laughs at me. If she's nervous about it, I'm definitely NOT helping. =P

Ashlyn and I got back before dinner. The playpen sheet I bought at Babies R Us didn't fit. So Aric and I had a quick bite before heading out. We stopped off at Office Max to buy Aric a new desk for his office. After a couple of weeks of shopping around for a perfect desk, Aric finally decided on the desk that I had originally picked out a while back. I want to gloat on my selection, but it was a good thing that we waited...because when you purchase the desk now, they throw in an expensive leather chair for free! SWEET! Next, we went to Babies R Us. We were at Babies R Us for a really long time...looking at clothes, shoes, and toys for Ashlyn. I returned the playpen sheet and we bought Ashlyn a Fisher Price Stride-to-Ride Walker. Aric noticed that some walkers were designed for infants as young as 6 months old. Right away, he was like, "We're behind!" I know that toys have a minimum age limit, but that doesn't necessarily mean that right at that age, the child is ready for it. Ashlyn has just started to crawl...I don't think she's ready to walk just yet, but Aric was like, "She has to learn." *sigh* Oh well, it's just an excuse for him to buy her stuff...he loves to spoil Ashlyn with new toys. =)
The last stop before heading home was Target. Yeah, not only have I gone there two days in a row, but this would make it twice in one day. Let me just illustrate what I'd do just to save a buck. I bought a Swifter last night, but I discovered that I had a coupon entitling me to $1 off a Swifter or Swifter products...so tonight I returned the Swifter and then re-purchased it. *shake head* Damn cheap-skate! HAHAHAHA!

Ed and Sue came buy to drop off computers and to hang out a bit. I put the walker together and we watched Ashlyn at play. She was very shaky on her feet and couldn't hold her own weight. She put her whole weight on the walker and the toy rolled quickly foward...causing her to fall flat on her face. =/ The fall wasn't painful, but it definitely gave her a big scare. She cried out. We stood her up again and she was hestitant to hold the walker. We held the walker in place and would inch it forward every so often. She moved one foot in front of the other...but not consistently. She was soon bored of the walker, so we transformed it into the rider...and she liked that much better. To be honest, I'm not in any hurry for Ashlyn to start walking yet. She's getting around quite easily on all fours and getting into much trouble.
After Ed and Sue left, we tucked Ashlyn into bed and worked on the office for a bit.

*YAWN!* Today was a full day. G'nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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