HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lil' Emily!

(Emily with Uncle Tony- Feb. 2002)
Wishing you a great birthday, sweetie-pie!

Have you ever been addicted to something? Well last night after Aric and Ashlyn went to bed, I stayed up playing this one game called Dynomite. It's just like the bubble-game, "Bust-a-Move". I was sickeningly addicted and played for hours until I realized that the sun was peaking out. I looked at the time and....*YIKES!*...it was nearly 7am! Where did all the time go?! I felt horrible and weird, but I wasn't the least bit tired. I only went up to bed because I knew that it would eventually catch up with me. Aric got up when I climbed into bed, to work on the laminate floors. I got a few hours of sleep before Ashlyn woke up. Aric changed, dressed, and fed Ashlyn to give me another couple of hours of shut-eye.

Today was a lazy Sunday. I felt tired and out-of-it all day. Yes, I've learned my lesson...I'll never stay up to play video games ever again! The day was spent watching Ashlyn and Channel E! I caught up on the "True Hollywood Lives" of Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and Tiffany. Then I watched "Jerry McGuire". Talked to Sarah for a bit tonight. She and Parkin wants Ashlyn to be a part of their wedding party! WOW!...really?! By the time Sarah and Parkin get married, Ashlyn will be almost a year and a half. Is that too young for a flower girl? I wonder if she'll walk nicely down the aisle? I guess we'll get a better idea as we get closer to that date. Regardless though...I was really happy and honored that they want Ashlyn to be a part of their BIG DAY! =D

floors in the office almost done! YAY!

Aric got more than half of the floors done before calling it a night. It looks really great and he worked really hard on them. Aric, Ashlyn, and I headed up to bed early.
Hope you all had a great weekend! G'Nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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