Today was a relaxing day. Aric got up really early to go biking with Wey in Snow Summit. Ashlyn and I got up around noon and hung around the house. Aric and Wey got back late in the afternoon...and aside from a couple of nasty scrapes and bruises, I was relieved to see them both return in one piece. Aric said they both biffed it a few times and that their bikes weren't equipped to handle the tough terrain. =/

Brian came over around 6pm and together we went over to James and Grace's place. The fellas needed to sort through cases and cases of keyboards. The little side business Aric and his friends started a while back is starting to expand. What started off with just PCs, has now exploded into PCs, keyboards, laptops, monitors, etc... Not to mention Aric's other side business (setting up networks for small businesses) with Brian . Damn, like Aric doesn't have enough to do. I'm gonna start calling him 'Jamaican'. HAHAHAHAHA!

Grace fixed us a yummy dinner. I watched in awe as she (in her delicate condition) busily prepared dinner for us, juggled Lauren's needs, and catered to all of us. I tried helping, but I think I was getting in the way. =P After dinner, the guys got busy doing their thing, and Ashlyn and I spent the evening with Grace and Lauren. Lauren entertained us by singing and dancing. She is soooooo cute! She would hold the whisk like a microphone, and occassionally bring the "mic" to our lips so we can repeated the last verse. hehehehe I can't wait until Ashlyn
gets to that age.
Oh, btw...today Ashlyn's learned to clap her hands together on command. It's so funny how quickly she learns things. Yesterday she couldn't do it, and this morning she woke up knowing how. =D

Grace and I watched the Discovery Health channel and watched a segment on "Hermaphrodites" and then "Dwarfism". It was sad and disturbing watching the first segment. People born with ambiguous genitalia grow up never quite knowing what they are, not to mention the difficulty in fitting in with society. The same difficulty in fitting in was addressed in the second segment on dwarves. Although, I think I'd rather be a dwarf than a hermaphrodite...where dwarfism may impose physical challenges, hermaphroditism is emotionally and psychologically challenging and requires years of hormone therapy...and that's AFTER you've decided which sex you're most comfortable being.
I know I shouldn't watch these things because it haunts me for days and makes me feel incredibly sad and helpless, but I can't help but watch. =/

The dwarf segment brought back memories of Wil and Tony's wedding weekend....the same weekend they got married, The Little People of America was having a convention at the Doubletree Hotel. I just remember after partying in Wil and Tony's suite after the reception, as Aric, Wey, Bett, Charlotte, and I were heading back to our room and we saw several little people passed out in the hallways. It was kinda freaky because at first glance, you think it was a little kid lying there lifeless. But at closer inspection, they were just passed out drunk. hehehehe =P
In any case, I'm grateful for being born without any serious illnesses or complications. I should remember to call my mom.

Ashlyn and Brian

Ashlyn and Lauren

Aric, Ashlyn, and I got home pretty late. Aric and Ashlyn went to bed right away. I stayed up longer to play on the computer.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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