Today was another quiet day. I woke up still feeling ticked off from last night. Aric and I used to avoid going to bed mad or upset...we would try to resolve issues before bedtime. But now with the baby, we're just too tired to stay up and figure things out. I still do prefer settling the score before going to bed, but *sigh*....neither of us are going anywhere, so we'll just let it carry over to another day. That piddly lil' tiff last night affected my mood all day. My brow was wrinkled and I felt festering inside. It conjured up memories of other occasions, and it just made me more mad. Like the time we went to the Fair and rode this Ferris Wheel thing with Ed and Sue. It was this caged thing that took you way up in the air. It was a slow ride, but the height made it really scary. Anyhow, Ed was trying to freak us out by standing up and rocking the cage. I was scared, but hid behind a nervous laugh. Aric must have been really freaked, because after the ride, as we were walking around, he was being such an ass to me. Not to Ed, or Sue, or Ben, or Liz, or Charles...but just to me. And I didn't understand it. He was like that for a long time...refused to talk to me, hold my hand, ride anymore rides, or eat. Because we were in the company of friends, I remained upbeat....but slowly his mood spread over and I was feeling really rejected and awful. By the time he got over it, I felt like crap. That night I had it out with him, and he didn't understand why I was all bent out of shape about it. My reasoning was that just because he was irritated with what Ed did, he didn't have to ruin the whole Fair experience for me. And since then, it's happened another half a dozen times or so.

I guess I should know not to take it personally..but it's kind of hard when I'm at the receiving end of his dirty looks and his sour attitude...all the while he's still the same with everyone else, AND I didn't do a damn thing to him! That part is the most disturbing. My conclusion to this is:
a) he takes me for granted, b) he's being immature, c) both. Aric and I very rarely fight, and if we do, it's because of stuff like this. This must be one of those guy/girl things...where one sex considers it no big deal, while the opposite sex thinks it a huge deal. If the situation were reversed (and at times they are), I do everything in my power to not let my ill mood affect his.

So in any case...when Aric came home today, he greeted me with a kiss and I flashed him one of my "mad" looks. As I suspected, he had completely forgotten about what happened last night. I went into my whole schpeal again about how I hate when he does that and though his bad mood lasted only a couple of hours, it affected me all last night and all of today. *huff* I got my apology and was pacified. Gawd, how easy it is to right wrongs with me.

Anyhow, aside from being grouchy today. I just hung out with Ashlyn. Her cold doesn't seem to be getting better. She's still has a bad cough and that slimey runny nose. We went through the scream-fest again as I tried to clear her nasal passage. But I'm getting better at it so it didn't take as long, and she didn't get pissy at me. Ashlyn's really starting to get around now...even pulling herself up to a standing position, which can get really dangerous. She wants to explore everything. Poor girl bumped her stubborn head several times today...on the glass cabinet, the coffee table, the carpet. Oh, she even fell off our bed again this morning. =/
I no longer freak out when that happens. She definitely has a mind of her own and she's pretty headstrong when it comes to the things she WANTS to do. I guess I just have to let her learn...just hope she doesn't get brain damage in the process. =P

Art (my generous web-host) and Arnold came over tonight. Aric helped Art fix his computer and Arnold played with Ashlyn. It was so funny watching Arnold try to teach Ashlyn how to crawl. He was so patient and very determined. I was getting tired just watching him. The fellas hung out while Ashlyn and I watched "The Sound of Music" on DVD. I talked to Cin on the phone and painted my nails. Ashlyn was so tuckered out after her training session with Arnold, she went to bed easily.

That's pretty much it for my day. I did get some exciting emails that brightened my otherwise sullen day. Dave sent me this. And Bett emailed to say that she's coming to visit! YAY!

Oh, and as promised...I did get a few smiles and laughs out of Ashlyn today. Enjoy!

Ashlyn's smirk


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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