Today was a quiet day at home. Ashlyn still has her cold, but unlike previous days, she wouldn't allow me to aspirate her nose cooperatively. She fought tooth (er..should I say gum) and nail and screamed loudly until I finally got all the snot out of her nose. My neighbors must have thought I was torturing my kid. *sigh* I hope she gets better soon.
After that ordeal, she was pissed off at me and went to play quietly by herself. She refused to look at me when I called her name, and when she finally did, she looked at me blankly then turn away. *Sheesh!*...holding grudges at 9 months??? I got very few smiles out of her today. =T
I spent most of the day talking to people on the phone...mainly Ivy and my parents, and responding to email. Before I knew it, Aric was home.

To celebrate James' big promotion at work, we were invited to dinner by James and Grace. We all met up at
Ed and Sue's then headed over to Sam Woo in Irvine. James ordered many expensive seafood dishes, and everything was absolutely delicious! The service was really nice and friendly at Sam Woo, and they did something I rarely see at other Chinese restaurants...they set new plates with each course.
An appreciative THANKS to James and Grace for a wonderful dinner and for allowing us to share in your good fortune! =D

15333 Culver Drive, Suite 720
Irvine, CA 92604
Tel: (949) 262-0688
Fax: (949) 262-0328

Sue and Ed

Grace and James

Aric, Ashlyn, and me

Sam and Patti

Ed and Ashlyn

Grace's due-date is at the end of this month, but she looks as though she's ready to pop at any minute. Patti is sporting a little pooch now...which always brings a smile to my face. There's nothing more heartwarming than the swell of a pregnant friend's belly. And even though I just saw Sue over the weekend, it was more distinguishable today that she's starting to show. =D

We went back to Ed's and hung out a bit, catching the tail end of "Ocean's Eleven" on cable. We left shortly after it ended and "From Hell" was beginning. Aric wasn't feeling well...probably ate too much or something, but he was being rather short and attitude-y with me. Which sets the tone for my mood. If he was being curt with everyone, then fine, but he's only comfortable in taking it out on me. This isn't the first time either...he always does it when he's feeling tired, sick, hot, grouchy, or pissed off at someone else. I don't like it...NOT AT ALL! And long after Aric's gotten over it and is back to his old self, I'm still mad for being dragged down. I hate that "misery loves company" shit.
So after we got home and went through the lengthy ritual of tucking Ashlyn to bed, I gave him a piece of my mind. I think that if he's feeling grumpy, he shouldn't make matters worse by bringing me down....because what always ends up happening is that my patience runs out and he'll see my wrath, and feel shittier than he did before. *huff*
I must sound like such a tyrant. But the truth is, when it comes to Aric, I'm very careful about limits. Even at my most frustrated, angered, or impatient times, I dig deep and find it within myself to be considerate of his feelings. So it really irkes me that he wouldn't have the same consideration for me....especially something so petty as being too stuffed from dinner. *UGH!*
Okay...enough harping. I'm going to bed.

Ashlyn's semi-blowing face

see, no smiles today...maybe tomorrow

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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