I was woken up by the sound of our doorbell a little past 7am this morning. Aric had called a hauling service to come pick up his old desk. The lady said that they'll pick up our desk around noon....so imagine my surprise! Two guys hauled our old desk away, which was unbelievably huge and heavy, and also hauled away an old twin mattress free of charge. They were also very careful removing the desk so as not to scratch the walls. I was really thankful for that and tipped the guys a little extra. After they left, I crawled back into bed and went back to sleep. Ashlyn and I got up a few hours later.

Anne called this morning and wanted to get together for lunch. She came over a little past noon, and wanted to try Kaju Soft Tofu by Tapioca Express. We had a nice lunch and caught up with eachother, then bought groceries at Ranch 99. By the way, is it Ranch 99?...or 99 Ranch? Not that it really matters... I was just wondering. I picked up some groceries for dinner tonight and some snacks for the baby. Ashlyn really loves these japanese cookies...they're small and round and melt in your mouth. She also enjoys the japanese rice crackers. Those also dissolved quickly in your mouth. Ashlyn's cold is slowly getting better. She still has the bad cough, but her nose wasn't as runny or congested today. No more nose bubbles. hehehehe
Anne couldn't stay long because of school. But we had a good time hanging out and I especially enjoyed hearing of her recent adventures in Hawaii and up North.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill. I did a load of Ashlyn's laundry and hung around. Aric came home and we prepared dinner together, then watched "Smallville-The Beginning". What a treat!.."Smallville" on a Monday night. =) I love the chemistry between Clark and Lana. Oh hell, I just love Clark. =P
Oh, I talked to Ivy on the phone for a while. Her friend, Lisa, is launching her own custom invitation/stationary business. I checked out some of her work and it's really simple, unique, and elegant. Check it out when you get a chance.

I channel surfed a bit, watched the news and "48 hours", then Aric and I gave Ashlyn a bath and tucked her into bed. Tucking Ashlyn in isn't as easy as it used to be. Before, we would put her down, wind up her mobile, and watch her fall asleep. Now when we put her down, she rolls around, sits up, tries to pull herself up in her crib, squeals and smiles, and wants to play. We dim the lights and keep the room quiet, but it doesn't make much of a difference. It takes a good hour before she tires herself out and falls asleep. By then, I'm usually ready for bed too, but there are still things to tend to....plus it's the only time Aric and I have to spend with eachother. *sigh*

Ashlyn and me

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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