To my best guy friend who shares my passion for music, movies, ice cream, late night walks on the pier, deep talks, and offbeat humor~ your friendship, generosity, and kindness warms me. Wishing you a funfilled birthday! I miss you terribly. Remember, you deserve only best!

This afternoon Aric, Ashlyn, and I attended Ben and Liz's wedding. Much to my disappointment, we missed nearly the entire wedding ceremony! =( It was just one of those days when nothing was going right. We had a HUGE ant infestation in the kitchen and living room. Trails and trail of ants invading our home through tiny little crevices in the wall and beneath the carpet. It took a long time getting the situation under control. I busted out the vacuum and the thick ant trails exploded as the lil' buggers scrurried in every direction. They were crawling all over me. Aric went out to spray the perimeter, while I was under seige inside. After an hour or so, Aric took over so I could shower and get ready. It took me forever to style my hair. I was rushing and ended up burning the back of my neck with the curling iron. *ouch!* I was so damn frustrated that I ended up just tying it up in a ponytail. *huff* Getting ready took me like, forevers! Aric was showered, dressed, AND had the baby dressed and fed by the time I was done.

We got to the chapel before the "I do" part. But for the short time we were there, it was apparent that it was a very emotional ceremony. The wedding party were in tears, as were many of the guests. I really wished I could have shared in that. Afterwards, we hung around while the bride and groom had their pictures taken with family and friends, then we headed over to the reception.

The reception was held at the very exclusive Center Club in Costa Mesa. It's so like Ben and Liz to spoil their close family and friends with such a lavish reception. Aric and I saw so many familiar faces from college and got a chance to get reaquainted with old friends. Dinner was wonderful and there were too many glasses on the table to count. Ashlyn, who recently caught a cold, was surprisingly delightful. She smiled through her yucky coughs and snotty nose. It truly amazes me how wonderfully well behaved she is when you secretly want her to be. As always, she was passed around our table before the bridesmaids came to steal her away. Aric and I had a smashing grand time. I had lots of red wine and champagne, and had nice buzz the entire evening. hehehe

After the reception, a bunch of us followed the newlyweds and the wedding party back to their suite at the Westin. The wedding party tied up the groom and did a ritualistic feet-spanking. I forgot what the significance to that was, but it was fun seeing Ben squirm. =) Aric, Ashlyn, and I didn't stay to party with the group down at TGIFridays. It was getting close to the baby's bedtime, and my buzz was wearing down and I was getting sleepy too.

Pictures from the wedding:

the beautiful and yummy fondant cake

Ben and Liz

Ashlyn with Ed and Sue

Aric and me

our table- Ed, Sue, me, Ashlyn, Aric, Aaron, Andrew, Emmy, Sammy, Janice, and Mako

first dance

Ashlyn and Connie

Aaron, Jeff, and Aric

Toshi and me

Liz tossing the bouquet (don't know if you can tell, but Ashlyn's in there). hehehehe

me, Trammie, Connie, Liz, Ivy, Katherine, Vicky, Sissy, Ashlyn, and Rachel

Ivy and Ashlyn on the dance floor

with the newlyweds

Liz and Ashlyn

Well, Ashlyn turned 9 months today! My observations this month? Aside from sticking her tongue out often, her silly faces have slowly subsided...she no longer does her "scared" face, which I kinda miss now. But she's started making a lot of different sounds, continues to "talk" and babble a lot, and laughing and squealing with more zest. She has an array of facial expressions and I'm starting to distinguish them with certain needs. She's starting to crawl...still mostly backwards, but once in a while she'll surprise us (and herself) by moving forward. From all fours, she and can push herself into a sitting positon. Holding onto something, she can stand for a longer period of time, and has discoverd the joy of bouncing. She rolls around less now. Ashlyn is more attentive and curious now. She wants to touch and mouth everything. She is really grabby! Forget toys...she is fascinated with magazines, and loves to shred them to pieces. If I thought she drooled a lot before, this past month has gotten worse. I get dehydrated just looking at her drool. She gurgles in her drool and has learned to spit. *gross* Her appetite has decreased. She can't seem to finish her bottle before her attention becomes diverted by other things, sounds, and people, but she enjoys sampling table food. She is learning to use her thumb and forefinger to pick up smaller objects. She loves music and singing and has started to bob her head to them. She rubs her eyes when she's tired. She's very playful. She's very independent and can entertain herself for hours. She's starting the wave "Hello" and "Goodbye". Oh, and the thing I enjoy the most...she's starting to hug, pat, and hold on with much affection. *sigh* She's absolutely darling, and I love her to bits! Not including the first few days back from China, she continues to be a happy, flexible, and easy-going baby.

I'm pooped. G'nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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