Happy Birthday to Henry!

Happy Friday! Most of you had today off...lucky dawgs! Aric thought he had today off, but found out late Wednesday that he had to work today. He was sorely disappointed. We had made plans to shop for laminate flooring, new carpet, and other things for the house. We're on a home improvement kick. Actually it's been long overdue. We talked about it last year...saying wanted to do this-n-that before the baby was born...but obviously ended up procrastinating. =P Now that Ashlyn is starting to get around on her own (and getting into everything), we want to get new carpet and start baby-proofing the house.
Anyhow, since Aric was bummed about having to go to work, I told him that Ashlyn and I would meet him for lunch and hang out with him to help make his workday go by faster.
So this morning I packed a picnic basket...and filled it with some leftovers from yesterday's BBQ, some sandwiches, drinks, nectarines, and chocolate covered strawberries from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Notice I'm trying to cover the four food groups. hehehe

Ashlyn and Aric at lunch

Ashlyn and I got to Aric's work around noon. A lot of people at the company took the day off, and the ones that were there griped about being there. hehehe Aric, Ashlyn, and I ate outdoors on the bridge. It was such a warm clear day. Afterwards, we stood around talking with some of Aric's coworkers (as they took turns holding the baby). Aric finished up some stuff then decided to leave work early. I was estatic! We went to Costco and picked up laminate flooring for our downstair's office and a corner TV stand for our bedroom. Then we headed to Staples and Office Max for a new desk for the office. We had a hard time finding one we liked...and when we finally did, they didn't have it in stock. *poo!*

We got home around 4pm, fed the baby, and relaxed. The weather's been so damn hot these days. Lately the heat gives me headaches....dunno why. =T We spent the evening at home, eating and watching TV. Halfway through watching "Behind Enemy Lines", Ed called and Aric had to go help him do something. I ended up playing with Ashlyn and watching "20/20". They had a really informative segment on whiney children. In case Ashlyn turns out to be one of those. hehehe
After that, I took the baby upstairs for a bath. She really needed one...she was sticky from spilled juice. But I was so proud!..because, for the first time, she held her own bottle. *YAY!* It was her snacktime juice, so the bottle is smaller and easier to hold than her regular feeding bottle. She wasn't very coordinated at first and got juice all over the place (even in her eye), but soon got the hang of it. I tried really hard to fight the urge to help her. After her bath, she had her last bottle, then went to bed.

I finally had some quiet time to myself. Picked up around the kitchen and living room, then checked email, surfed the net, and downloaded pictures. Aric got home after midnight. I'm debating whether or not I should finish watching "Behind Enemy Lines" on DVD. Hmmmm?
*YAWN!*...I'm pooped! Have a great weekend!

Ashlyn holding her own bottle! =D

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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