Happy Birthday to Abe!

Bright and early this morning, the painter and his crew came to start on the house. They worked on the living room, kitchen, and the downstair's bath. To avoid paint fumes, Ashlyn and I stayed upstairs all day. It was such a hot day, and we were miserable upstairs. I had the ceiling fan going full blast, but it was just circulating hot air. I wanted to turn on the AC, but I knew that they had all the windows downstairs open, including the front door. *sigh*

our kitchen

the color once Flat White is now Sandcastle

They wrapped up close to 7pm...around the time Aric came home. When Ashlyn and I went downstairs, I didn't recognize our house. Everything was piled to the middle of the room and covered in plastic. Everything was disconnected...including the TV. WHAT?...no TV?! And I discovered water leaking from underneath the fridge. I guess the water filter leaked when they pulled the fridge out to paint behind it. Anyhow, it took me and Aric almost an hour to clean up the mess and get it under control. Actually, we didn't get it under control...we just shut off the water valve to the fridge. Who needs drinking water and ice anyways?! =P
Aric and I had to clear out his messy office as best we could, then we had to unplug the computer. *sniff* No computer?! Since everything in the house was unplugged, Aric and I didn't have anything to do except go to bed early. My, how much we rely on modern-day conveniences. Aric and I joked that because we didn't have TV or computer, we were forced to talk to eachother. HAHAHAHA!

inspecting her clothes

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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