Aric and Brian had to finish up the job in Simi Valley, so Grace and I planned to hang out in her part of the 'hood today. We got up really early and headed up to LA with Aric. On the way, we stopped off to run an errand with my mother-in-law, then Aric picked up Brian and dropped us off with Grace.
I've been meaning to do something with my hair for a long time. Aric prefers that I not cut it, but managing my hair has become such a chore these days. It used to not be the case, but in recent years, my hair has become naturally wavy...and not in a good way. I have to blow dry it straight and that's a pain in the butt. So Grace suggested that I get a Magic Perm (straight perm). Everyone I know who had it done absolutely loves it. It makes your hair really smooth, soft, and shiny. The downside is...it makes your hair look flat. Not that that matters since I already have flat hair. =P Grace made an appointment for me at her salon in K-Town. The salon is huge and was bustling with people. All the stylists there (men and women) are really...uh, on the cutting edge...sporting hair of vibrant colors and in all lengths.

The process of getting this Magic Perm is very laborious. The whole process took me two and a half hours!....and my hair's not even that long. Grace said that when she had it done, it took her four hours! Good Lawd! Grace was such a sweetheart for picking up lunch for us and taking care of Ashlyn while I got my hair done. After I was done, it was Grace's turn for a haircut. I sat outside with Ashlyn and soaked up some sun. I couldn't stop running my fingers through my hair. It felt so silky and smooth. I love it! =D
Afterwards, Grace took me to Downtown Santee. I never knew LA had this. It's an outdoor street market. Alleys and alleys of vendors selling clothing, shoes, bags, CDs, cosmetics, jewelery, and so on for cheap. I felt like I was shopping back in Shanghai. =) Although I have to admit, the quality of the goods in China were much better and CHEAPER! For example, I was looking at Chanel and Burberry hats, and their asking price was $45! In China, you could probably get the same thing for less than $10. Anyhow, I didn't get anything except for a couple of peasant tanks. We walked around for a couple of hours and decided to go back to Grace and Brian's.

Ashlyn and Grace's dog, Furby, were both tripping off of one another. Both were very hesitant in getting too close, but were equally curious and fascinated. When they both got over their shyness, they started playing together. After a while, Furby had enough tail grabbing from Ashlyn and cuddled up with Grace. Ashlyn felt jilted and would grunt for the dog. hehehehe
Oh, remember the band-aid Ashlyn swallowed yesterday? Well, sure enough, I saw it in her diaper today. *eeew!* =/

The guys finally got back from Simi Valley around 9pm, and we grabbed a late dinner at Chol Sun Galbee. That restaurant is the nicest and cleanest Korean restaurant I've ever been to. The food was exceptional...unfortunately, because we got there so late, we were rushed to eat fast so they could close up. I hate being rushed. You can't enjoy the food. I burned the roof of my mouth with the hot food. =(

Aric, Ashlyn, and I didn't get home until after midnight. It was a fun but exhausting day. Thanks to Grace for taking me and Ashlyn all around town. And thanks to Brian and Grace for treating us to a wonderful dinner and cool Adidas stuff! =D

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn enjoying the outdoors

Ashlyn looking at the cracks on the ground

Downtown Santee


Grace and Brian

Ashlyn, Aric, and me

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