Happy Friday! You know how Ashlyn had two shots yesterday? The nurse always puts these cute little round Snoopy band-aids over the shots on Ashlyn's thighs. Well this morning, Ashlyn noticed the band-aids for the first time and started grabbing at them. She managed to peel one off and was amused by they way they stuck to her hand and fingers. She kept trying to wave them off, but they just stuck to her hand. I turned away to grab a fresh diaper, and when I turned back around, she had the band-aid in her mouth! I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" and she laughed loudly. I can see the bright round sticker stuck to the roof of her mouth. I tried sweeping the band-aid out with my finger, but Ashlyn didn't like having my finger in her mouth and struggled a bit, then...*gulp*...she swallowed it! ACK! Ashlyn sort of gagged on it a bit...her face got a little red and her eyes got all watery. I was prepared to use the choking manuever I learned in the Infant Safety/CPR class, but then Ashlyn swallowed hard, looked up, and smiled brightly. I was mortified! I sat there quietly wondering if I should call the doctor or something...and then I noticed Ashlyn peeling the other band-aid. I quickly grabbed it out of her hand and she got all pissy at me. *tsk-tsk* Well, I'm just glad she didn't REALLY choke on it. I guess now I'll just have to wait for the band-aid to show up in one of her poopy-diapers. =/

Today was a mellow day. This whole week I've been busy doing other things and our house got kinda messy and cluttered. I have mail stacked up on the coffee table, laundry piled up, a lot of stuff strewn around the living room, and toys EVERYWHERE. The towels and sheets in the guest room haven't been washed and the blankets Wil, Sarah, and Cin used need to be folded and put away. So I spent the afternoon sweeping up the kitchen, vacuuming the house, dropping in a load of laundry, and cleaning up the living room. There is so much that needs to be done around the house, but since returning from the trip, I've been feeling very unmotivated. I need to call the painter tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be able to start next week.
I also worked on the China journals today, and that should be posted soon. Please be patient. I know everyone's anxious to see pictures from the trip. Especially my mom. She called the other day:
Peg's mom: "You didn't write about China in your diary."
Peg: "Diary?!"
Peg's Mom: "You know...on the webpage."
Peg: *laughing* "Oh, the journal."
Peg's Mom: "I want to see pictures."
OH, THE PRESSURE! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, speaking of updating webpages...the beloved Swank Condo's back! YAY! Missed ya, Sonny! =D

Ed and Sue wanted to get together for dinner tonight. We don't see them as often as we used to. We used to hang out EVERY night (no joke). But since Ashlyn, I'm assuming they don't want to bother us. Plus now, they hang out with their small group from church a lot (they're churchin' hard). hehehe
So tonight we went to eat at this cha-chiang mein place in Garden Grove, along with James, Lauren, Patti, and Sam. It's so nice to see how Patti and Sue are progressing in their pregnancy. Sue's not showing at all and Patti's showing a little bit...but not much. It was hard to tell since she was wearing overalls (by the way, I was NOT wearing my overalls today). hehehe
Throughout dinner, all we talked about was their pregnancy and baby stuff. It's very exciting! Thus far, I have 5 friends expecting this year. Cool Cool! =D
I got another invitation in the mail for a Babee Tenda seminar this Sunday, so I passed it along to Sue and Patti. I also got this postcard in the mail from Fetal-Fotos . WTH?! First of all, I'm not pregnant so how did they get my name? Secondly, as neat and wonderful as technology is today, what a freakin' ripoff! For $150 you can get four 3-D photos and 10 minute video set to music of your unborn baby. They can get away with charging that much now because of the 3-D imaging thing. But in time, every OB will replace their 2-D ultrasound machine with these 3-D machines and then this company will be out of business.

I don't know how the conversation changed from babies to cars...perhaps it was because I said I like the conveniece and spaciousness of minivans and hoped to get one someday, but everyone jumped on me for saying that. They were all like, "Nah, you don't want a minivan. You want an SUV."
Ed: "The only people who drive minivans are my parents' age."
Peg: "Well, look at my car...a Camry's not too far off from that."
Ed: "Your car's not cool, but a minivan's UNCOOL."
So the next thing I knew, we all caravaned to Honda World on Beach Boulevard to look at the new Honda Pilot. Surprisingly there was a salesman there at 10:30pm...and he showed us a couple of models. Ed, Sam, and Patti kept pushing me to buy it as if I had the money in my pocket. And because they were so gung-ho about it, the salesman actually thought he had a sale right there and then. *shake head* Aric even asked if I liked it, and it seemed like he wanted me to like it. It doesn't matter to me, Holmes...you're going to be the one paying for it. HAHAHAHAHA! We got the salesman's business card and went home.

It took Ashlyn an hour to fall asleep. I was getting tired just watching her flip around in her crib. I got all excited when I thought I heard her snore, but soon realized that it was just Aric. HAHAHA! Okay...G'Nite! Have a great weekend!

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