This morning Ashlyn had a well-baby visit. Her last one was a few months ago. She has grown over 3 inches since her last visit...which is a lot. But what surprised me most was that she only weighed 19lbs!...which means she lost 2lbs during our China trip! Not that the doctor noticed, since Ashlyn only weighed in at 16.14lbs at the last visit. But when I exclaimed that she had lost weight, the doctor just laughed. Hmmmm??? I have been noticing that Ashlyn's a tad slimmer these days....even Cin commented over the weekend. Her diaper fits loosely around the midsection and her neck sees the light of day much more than before. hehehehe
Anyhow, Ashlyn got two shots today and had her blood drawn to test if she's anemic (which she's not). Ashlyn was a brave lil' girl and hardly cried. Since we were not successful in getting the baby under Aric's insurance, I had to pay a hefty bill today. Don't even get me started on the insurance thing....it's ridiculous! *huff*

Afterward, I ran some more errands, had lunch outdoors with Ashlyn at a nearby deli, and went to Ranch 99 for produce, chinese groceries, and a nifty steamer. We got home around 4pm, and Ashlyn went down for a nap. It gave me some time to unload and unpack groceries and pick up around the house.

Emily came over for dinner, and to help me finish off the shower/bachelorettte invitations. A home cooked meal finally. I made rice, tried my hand at steaming Alaskan cod, made shreaded pork with salty radish, and stir fried some chinese greens. It wasn't much, but it was comfort food...stuff that reminds me of my parents' cooking.
We spent the whole evening working on invitations while we watched "Monsters, Inc." on DVD (another cool buy from China). That movie is too cute! After we finished "working", we had dessert...some frozen choclate covered bananas, cookies, and chilled lychee. *YUM!*

Aric and his lil' girl

Emily being camera shy...actually she was eating a banana. hehehe

Ya wanna know how lazy I've been? I've been wearing the same thing EVERY day this week! Okay, not the exact same thing...I change tops (and underwear of course)...but I've been sporting the same denim overalls every single day! Not that I really care since these are oh-so comfortable, but it just dawned on me tonight that I saw Emily three times this week! Dude, she must think that I'm a major slob! HAHAHAHAHA! C'est la vie.
Okay, okay..with all the clothes in my closet, I promise to wear something different tomorrow. =D

*YAWN*...long day.

Ashlyn playing with her toys

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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