Both Ashlyn and I slept in again today, but we didn't wake up nearly as late as yesterday. =P
The baby's sleeping habit is slowly reverting back to the old schedule....thank goodness...and she's not putting up as much of a fuss as she has been since we've been back. *whew!*

Today kept me pretty busy. I spent the afternoon running errands and working on bridal shower/bachelorette invitations at Kinko's. I don't want to sound like a moron, but...I am. I didn't know how to work the damn copier at Kinko's. I miss the old one's where you just stick your paper in, push the button indicating how many copies you need, and *voilà* your copies were done. The machines now have a touch screen, and you have to scan your page first, select from one of many paper trays, indicate size, single-sided, double-sided, collated, stapled, or whatever...oh, and the machine can also hold memory up to like...a hundred jobs. So when it was my turn to use the machine, it started printing out someone else's shit on my fancy expensive vellum paper! AND IT WOULDN'T STOP!!! My counter key kept going and going. I grabbed a Kinko's rep and homeboy had no idea how to work the machine either. Um...hello, isn't it your job to know?! Anyhow, after an hour we finally got it working. But Ashlyn was ONLY going to give me an hour before she started getting restless. *AGH!* Emily, god bless her soul, got off work and came to the rescue. I also have to thank this little girl, whose mom was making copies nearby, that came over to play with Ashlyn. Emily and I got a lot done and I was able to make it home before 8pm.

My father-in-law, Patrick, and Netty came over to visit and we all went out to dinner. We went to Inka Grill for some yummy Peruvian food. I'm not sure how authentic Inka Grill is....being a chain restaurant, it could very well be the "Panda Express" of Peruvian food...but I really like it.

Pictures from tonight:

Patrick and Ashlyn

my Aric

me and Netty

Dad and Netty

Aric, Ashlyn, and I stopped off at the grocery store on the way home. Aside from drinks and condiments, our fridge was pretty empty. Gotta start cooking at home again...I'm getting sick of eating out. *blah* At the grocery store I noticed a car with it's headlights on and it's engine running...a couple appeared to be having a heated discussion inside. I'm such a nosey rubber-necker but it kinda sparked old memories of me and an old flame argueing in the car. =P

Anyhow, once we got home, we put the baby down to bed, and Aric helped me with some stuff. It's late and I'm tired. G'Nite!

Ashlyn on the prowl

Ashlyn in her cute Qi Pao onesie (got it for only $2 in China) *Woo-hoo!*

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Ashlyn's pics of the day

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