Alrighty...the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. I had no idea when Aric left for work, but when Sarah came into my room around 11am to wake me, I had the hardest time opening my eyes. I sleepily told her, "Five more minutes." and fell back to sleep. Cin came to wake me around noon, and even then, I could NOT drag my ass out of bed. I finally got up and dressed by 1pm, then got the baby up, dressed, and fed by 2:30pm. I felt so horrible wasting half the day sleeping....especially on Cin and Sarah's last day visiting (and a day they both took off from work no less!) So mad at myself! *huff!*

Ashlyn was much more pleasant today. She was more smiley today and started to resemble the sweet baby many remembered her to be. She hardly cried and she didn't freak out if I wasn't in her direct line of sight. *whew* We had a late lunch at Oscar's and ate outdoors by the water fountain. It was really nice and before we knew it, it was time for Cin to go to the airport.

Sarah, Ashlyn, and I stayed with Cin until she had to board, then Sarah, Ashlyn, and I met up with Aric at National's Sports Bar for appetizers before heading to the airport once more to drop Sarah off. *sniff* So sad to see them go. It was an incredible homecoming and I had a fantabulous time having them here. The only ones missing were Bett and Ivy! Shooo...had they come, I would have gone out of my mind with joy. hehehehe

A GREAT BIG THANKS to Cin, Wil, Tony, and Sarah for visiting and making me feel really loved! Also SPECIAL THANKS to Aric for always making me feel loved! =D

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and Cin at lunch

Sarah, me, Cin, and Ashlyn

me, Cin, and Sarah


Cin, Ashlyn, and Sarah at the airport

"parting is such sweet sorrow.."

After we came home, Emily came over to go over some stuff bridesmaid stuff that I missed out on in China. Then Aric and I tucked Ashlyn to bed...only to have her wake up a half hour later crying. I swear, her sleeping schedule is whacked! I think she's still on China time. She refused to go to bed and she had an abundance of energy. We stayed up with her and watched "Black Hawk Down" on DVD. Before the movie was over, she finally showed signs of sleepiness, and I tucked her into bed. I felt really sleepy too. But I'm the last to go to bed in this house. I have to make sure everything is tidy or locked or turned off, etc... *sigh* A mother's job is never done.

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