Once again, Aric got up early and left for Simi Valley. How he gets by still jet-lagged, working all weekend, and on very little sleep is beyond me. I've been averaging 4 hours of sleep since Friday. I'm not exactly sure what I'm running on, but I've been managing okay. I think my cold is slowly getting better. *yay!*
Tony came over this morning, and we all headed to Newport Beach/Balboa Island for a picnic and a boat ride. The traffic going into Newport was horrendous, but the gorgeous weather helped make up for it. We picked up Koo Koo Roos on the way and ate on the boat. We took an hour long cruise around the island, before heading back to the docks. Ashlyn was required to wear a life-jacket on the boat, which she hated! But after a while I think she got used to it.
Cin treated us to Cold Stones before Wil and Tony headed back to LA for family dinner.

Ashlyn with Uncle Tony

Cin, me, Ashlyn, Sarah, and Tony

Sarah, Ashlyn, and Wil

me and Cin

Tony, our skipper

Ashlyn with Auntie Wil


Cin, Sarah, and I took a nice leisure drive to Carlsbad Company Stores. Ashlyn was in a better mood today and didn't cry as much as the previous days. Her cold is much better and she's starting to become playful again. Unfortunately, she still very clingy and cries if she can't see me. So to be on the safe side, Sarah offered to drive so I could sit in the backseat with the baby. We all bought stuff at the Banana Republic Outlet, Nine West Outlet, and The Gap Outlet. We would have kept shopping but the stores were closing. =P

the HUGE sand sculpture at Carslbad Company Stores *NEAT!*

Sarah, Cin, and Ashlyn

the denim jacket crew! hehehehe

Aric called to say that he'll be stuck out in Simi Valley longer than anticipated and wouldn't be able to join us for dinner. Cin, Sarah, Ashlyn, and I grabbed a late dinner at Kaju Soft Tofu in Irvine, and grabbed boba tea at Tapioca Express afterward.

We got home around 11:30pm and Aric got back half an hour later. We watched the first half of "Ocean's Eleven" before I noticed that everyone had dozed off. *YAWN*...another long and eventful day. =) Hope you had a great weekend!

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