Let me just tell you that my husband and friends ROCK! Aric had to get up early this morning to do a job with Brian in Simi Valley. He had told me about it in China, and apologized in advance for not being able to hang out with us while Wil was visiting. Since it's extra income, I let him off the hook. hehehe So this morning, Aric got up at 9:30am and left. Wil came into my room and got ready while I lazily lounged in bed. Around 11am, Aric mysteriously came back...bringing along Cin and Sarah!!! *SCREAM!* My husband, the sly dawg, was in cahoots with my girlfriends who planned to surprise me with a visit.
Needless to say, I was shocked!...and as you'll probably see in Sarah's pictures (still in jammies with bed-head). My girlfriends got a great kick out of the expression on my face. And for the record, I DID NOT throw the baby down (as they all claim) when I got up to give them a hug. =P
Since Cin is notorious for spilling the beans on surprises, she wanted me to let it be known that she could finally keep a secret. So...you read it here first. HAHAHAHA!

Sarah, Ashlyn, Cin, me, and Wil at Fashion Island

me, Cin, Wil, and Sarah at Chimayo's

Tony had left for LA to see his family and to attend a wedding. So Cin, Sarah, Wil, Ashlyn, and I spent a beautiful afternoon having lunch at Chimayo's and shopping at Fashion Island in Newport. We shared Rare Ahi wraps with Mango salsa, and sampled each other's salads with Blackened Salmon, Crabcakes, Chicken, and Scallops over Butternut Squash Risotto. Can I just say how nice it is to eat something other than Shanghainese food? =)
My head was still spinning from the jet-lag and
all day I was still in awe that Wil, Cin, and Sarah were really and truly here. The only thing that made everything real was that Ashlyn was crying inconsolably the entire day! She's still jet-lagged and sick. She was not in the mood to play and anytime I left her sight, she's start to scream and cry. Which made shopping and trying stuff on really difficult. It was really sad and disappointing for all her aunties who so looked forward to spending time with her. Riding in the car was especially unpleasant since Ashlyn can't see me from the back seat, and she wailed the entire time. =(

The girls and I shopped all day...hitting up a couple of different places on the way home. I dropped by a pharmacy on the way home and picked up a nighttime cold syrup for Ashlyn. Though she's really tired, stubborn girl refuses to sleep. I figured a little "forced" remedy might do the trick. My cold hasn't gotten better, but I popped DayQuil all day...and that kept my nose from being congested & runny and prevented me from hacking up a lung.

Aric got back from Simi Valley around 8:30pm. We met up with Wey and Jeff at Honda-Ya for dinner. The cough syrup kicked in, and Ashlyn slept through most of dinner. We had a great time!

Pictures from tonight:


Sarah and Ashlyn

Cin, Wil, Sarah, and me

Jeff, Sarah, Wil, Cin, and Wey

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