China Trip-Day 10

Once again, I got up too late and missed breakfast. I think I'm getting whatever it is that Aric and Ashlyn had. The glands at the back of my throat feel scratchy and swollen, and my body feels achy all over. =/
I decided to go to "Bai Feng Tang", the dim sum place we came to after checking into the Jin Jiang Hotel. It was only sprinkling when I walked over to the restaurant, but by the time I was done eating, it was coming down hard! I decided to wait until the rain lightened up. But a line was forming for my table so I took the baby, covered her the best I could and ran back tot he hotel. I was pretty drenched by the time we got back. Mostly from the huge plops of rain that fell from the awnings. Those were gross because they were huge drops...with dirt mixed in. My white shirt looked a bit dingy and gray. Ashlyn was okay...she was under the canopy of her stoller. The only part of her that got wet were her feet and socks (since she likes to stick her feet out). To avoid both of us from getting more sick, both Ashlyn and I took a hot bath. We couldn't go out to the "Welcome to Shanghai" sign, so I took her down to the lobby and the different floors of the hotel. I inquired about a massage at the spa, but the hotel was charging ridiculous prices. For a 1-hour massage, they charge $600 RMB...which is like, $75 US. What a rip! I know that sounds reasonable, but not for China. You can usually get a 45 minute massage for $100 RMB...which is around $12 US.
Checked out the gift shops, then went back to the room. We just watched TV and lounged around.

I had dinner plans with Todd and Emily. They had their chauffer pick me and Ashlyn up. Since Aric was running late, he met us at the restaurant. We ate this restaurant next to "The Door" ( new trendy restaurant/bar that has many different types of doors as the decor. We had a great time at dinner with Todd, Emily, and Nicole. The food was really delicious. Especially their "sauna" prawns and garlic beef ribs. Mmmm!

Once we got back to the hotel, Aric and I decided to start packing our bags so we don't wait till the very last minute. Aric was very antsy about getting busted at customs for having so many "pricey" belongings. I repeatedly assured him that we wouldn't get in trouble. Afterall, we didn't exceed the amount you're given before you declare goods. But Aric still worried. *shrug*

Pictures from today:

the downpour...picture taken from the dim sum restaurant

Emily, Nicole, and Todd

lil' Nicole

me and Ashlyn

Aric and Ashlyn

Ashlyn before bed

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