China Trip-Day 4

Because we're staying in the city, Aric needs to get up an hour earlier for work. I barely heard him leave this morning. Ashlyn and I got up around 8am, and went down to breakfast. The breakfast at Jin Jiang Hotel wasn't nearly as good as the breakfast at Ramada Plaza...but it was okay. After I ate, Ashlyn and I went out to explore different streets and shops. It was really hot and muggy outside. Now being in the city, crossing the street was much more difficult and scary...especially with a stroller. I noticed that nobody uses a stroller here. They either hold their kid or carry their kid on their backs in a sling thing. I don't think I can carry Ashlyn for a long period of time. She prefers her stroller anyhow...she loves to put her feet up on the front bar and lay back like a lazy princess. hehehe

I went into a shoe store and picked up a couple of pairs of sneakers. One was bright fuschia and the other was navy and tan. I got them for $6.00 each! What a steal! =) I also picked up some little stuff here and there. Everything was so cheap. I didn't venture too far and got back in time for Ashlyn's afternoon nap. I called up an Uncle and Aunt that lives here...they actually divide their time between their home in Northern Cal, Taiwan, and Shanghai. Uncle Eric and Aunt Judy wanted to get together right away. They offered to send one of their chauffers to pick us up for dinner. COOL!

Their driver picked us up soon after Aric got back from work. We had dinner at Jade Garden with my Aunt and Uncle. The food was really really tasty. We had this one famous dish...a fish with edible scales. I've never had anything like it. All the dishes were equally interesting and delicious. They wanted us to try everything...from traditional Shanghainese food and stuff you can't find elsewhere.
Since the restaurant wasn't too far from our hotel, we declined the ride back and decided to walk back. It gave Aric and I a chance to chat and see more of the city at night. At night, the weather cools down to a comfortable temperature and you can feel a slight breeze. The streets were still crowded with people and cars.

Once we got back to the hotel, my Aunt called and invited me to visit their factory tomorrow. They make camping gear and equipment. I was delighted. Aric and I gave Ashlyn a bath, let her roll around and play on the bed until it was time to sleep. Since arriving to China, Aric, Ashlyn, and I go to bed at a decent time (well before midnight). So different from our whacked schedule at home. =P hehehehe

Pictures from today:

me and Ashlyn playing

Ashlyn laughing

Peg's cool buys:

cheap ass shoes!

chocolates disguised as colorful rocks. YUM!

free Aaron Kwok doll I got with my T-Shirt purchase! SWEET! =D

yep..Curry flavored Pringles. Mmmm!

Uncle Eric, Aunt Judy, and Ashlyn

Aric and Sleepy-head

huge Häagen-Dazs

Ashlyn striking a pose

playing before bed

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