China Trip-Day 1

We flew ANA (All Nippon Airlines). Both Aric and I can't rave enough about this airline. All the people working...whether ticket counter, pilot, flight attendant, or ground crew...provided incredible service. The flight going was very comfortable. Flying to Narita-Japan, we were given an entire row of seat to ourselves. We put the arm rests up and Ashlyn had two seats to play and sleep. Surprisingly, she was very good on the long flight. Aric and I had personal TV monitors and passed time by watching "A Beautiful Mind", "Kate and Leopold", "Tortilla Soup", "A Life as a House", and "Friends", or played Nintendo. Ashlyn watched "Tom & Jerry" and listened to music. The food on the flight was pretty good. The meals were prepared by a Japanese company, so we had chilled somen noodle appetizers, smoked salmon, and an array of different entrees to choose from and cute lil' desserts. Even though we prepared food for Ashlyn for the long flight, they supplied us with a bunch of bibs, baby food, toys, diapers, wipes, formula, and Gerber rice crackers for the baby. Our flight attendant was extremely attentive. After every meal, she came by to pick up Ashlyn's bottle to rinse and sterilize it for me. Dang, can I take you home? hehehehe

We had a two hour stopover and transfer in Japan. When we landed and got off the plane, they didn't have a jetway directly at the terminal. We all had to get out in the middle of nowhere and take a bus to the terminal. Once at the terminal, we had to find our way to our gate for the next flight. The flight from Japan to Shanghai was only 3 hours. All three of us slept on that flight. We finally got into PuDong International Airport in Shanghai at about 8pm, picked up our luggage, went through customs, and waited for Aric's company driver to pick us up. Once out of the airport, we noticed the heat and humidity instantly. My skin and clothing felt a little moist.

We checked into the Ramada Plaza PuDong Shanghai around 10pm. We unpacked, got settled in, watched some chinese television, then went to bed. The hotel set up a playpen (the exact same one we have at home) for Ashlyn...complete with Pooh bedding. It was weird. We put her down, but she wouldn't stay down. She cried a lot. Since we had a king-size bed, we allowed her to sleep with us for the first time. She slept very peacefully...unfortunately, I couldn't say the same. I woke up often to check if she was okay and wasn't either getting smothered by the blankets or getting squashed by Aric. =P

Pictures from today:

Aric on the bus from the plane to the terminal

Ashlyn and me on the bus

Aric with all of our luggage

me and Sleepy-head waiting for our ride

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