Glenda, Ashlyn, and me

Eddie and Glenda

What a full day! Ashlyn and I had lunch at Glenda's today. Glenda and her roommate, Eddie, made us a delicious pasta dish with shrimp and salmon, along with a fresh edamame and peppers salad. It was a warm sunny day and we ate on the back patio among Glenda's rose bushes and pretty lil' garden. After lunch, Glenda and I spent some time catching up. By 4pm, Ashlyn and I had to be back at home.
Ann and Phil came by to drop some things off, and Patrick stopped by to pick up some things
. Aric and I are trying to get everything squared away before our trip. Because we had plans for tonight...and knowing that I wouldn't get a chance to do it before tomorrow...I ran around like a mad woman clearing out the fridge, dumping garbage, dropping another load of Ashlyn's laundry into the wash, and applying a second coat of paint to the upstairs bath. Call me Speedy Gonzales, because I finished it all in an hour! hehehe

Wey, Brian, and Grace came over...and together we headed over to Downtown Disney to meet with Ed, Sue, Sharon, Ho, and Danio for dinner. Downtown Disney was pretty packed. Whether you're going to dine at Catal's, House of Blues, Naples Ristorante, Rainforest Café, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, Y Arriba Y Arriba, or ESPN Zone, the average wait is over an hour. We finally decided on ESPN Zone since the fellas all wanted to catch the Lewis VS Tyson fight.
We missed the fight since it was over after the 8th round, with Lennox Lewis as reigning champion! *Awww yeah!* I'm not much of a Tyson fan. He talks way too much shit. However, we did catch the summary and photo-stills of the blow-by-blow action for each round on the many TV screens at ESPN Zone. Tyson looked like he got rocked pretty bad. =T

Anyhow, though promised that our wait would only
be half an hour, our wait was much longer...we were finally seated around 9:30pm! I was starved! The food at ESPN Zone was aiight...your usual appetizers, salads, burgers, and entrees. We celebrated Ed's (belated) birthday...as well as the end of Aric's first year in grad school. Good news!...after today, Aric done for the summer. I'm sure he'll be real happy getting Wednesdays and Saturdays to himself again. =) I have to really give Aric props for completing a tough first year. He balanced a heavy school load ontop of unrelenting demands of work, a new baby, and wife. *GRIN* Good job and congratulations, hon!

Oh, I have MORE good news and cause for celebration...Brian and Grace jumped on the baby bandwagon! *YAY!* They'll be expecting around the same time as Ed and Sue. Hmmmm, March was a "busy" month. hehehe Now Ashlyn will have lots of new friends to play with! =D

After dinner, we hung out at ESPN Zone and watched people play games. Brian played this one interactive boxing game until he got sick (literally)...poor guy claimed to be out of shape. But I think it wasn't wise to play such a vigorous game right after he ate. Gawd, I sound like such a mother! =/

Pictures from tonight:

Aric keeping Ashlyn warm

Grace, Brian, and Ashlyn

Brian and Ashlyn

Brian, Ed, Aric, and Wey watching the Lewis/Tyson post fight interview

me, Grace, Sue, and Sharon at ESPN Zone

Sue and Ed

Ashlyn and Ed

Because Aric, Ashlyn, and I have yet to start packing for our trip, we had to leave before everyone else. We left Downtown Disney close to midnight. *yikes!* Wey, Brian, and Grace left with us and came over to the house for a bit. Ashlyn was really tired and didn't fight the sleep.

Well, I better get packing! I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight. Talk about waiting till the last minute. *sigh* I've decided not to stress over it...throw caution to the wind and just have a fun and relaxing time. Should I forget anything, we'll just buy it there. hehehehe

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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