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*sigh* I wish I had a picture to post. For those who don't know...visualize a devilish grin on a handsomely devilish guy. hehehe
Wishing you a great one!

Can I just say that the travel agency that Aric's company uses is fantastic! They offered to pick up Ashlyn and my passport for me tomorrow and apply for our visas on our behalf. Kickass! Saves me a trip into the city. All I needed to do was FedEx Overnight Priority a release letter, our visa pictures, and other relative documentations. They should get everything back to us by Friday. Wow...I guess Ashlyn and I will be going to China afterall!
After Aric's last trip to China, I've been dying to go. We're going to Shanghai, with a two hour stop-over in Japan. I don't know what I'll be doing while Aric's at work during the day, but I'm sure I'll think of something....shopping, shopping, shopping! =D
Actually, I have a couple of friends that moved to Shanghai, so I'll probably look them up.

Today was a quiet day and it went by quick! After returning from the FedEx office, Ashlyn ate and took a nap, while I had a lengthy talk with my mom on the phone...and before I knew it, Aric came home with pizza! YUM! =)
Aric's classmate, Alan, came over to study for their final tomorrow. Emily also came over to discuss some bridesmaids business for Ann. We got much done...afterwards, we just hung out and watched TV. Caught bits and parts of "Smallville", but because the guys were studying in the dining room, I had to turn the TV down. It was so quiet, we were practically reading lips, so I didn't really follow the episode too closely.
Ashlyn had another big poopy....the kind that squished out the back of her diaper. *eeew!* I took her up for a bath and Emily followed. I stripped the baby down, and let her roll around butt-nekkid on a towel while I ran the bath water. Next thing I knew, there was a wet spot on the carpet and some spit up a few inches away! YUCK!...coming out from both ends! =O Man, Ashlyn's like a lil' puppy! *huff!* Emily thought it was cute. Anyhow, Emily ended up staying until close to 11pm!

I hardly took any pictures of Ashlyn today...*gasp!* What?!!! Sorry...more tomorrow, I promise.

Ashlyn's "scared face" while shaking Eeyore

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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