This morning Ashlyn and I got up earlier than usual, picked Aric up from work, and drove into LA for our appointment at the Passport Agency. Like the Social Security office and the DMV, the Passport Agency involved standing in line, waiting, waiting, and more waiting. What helped pass the time was watching the news on their TV and watching unruly kids run around and play with the ropes (that form the line).
Ashlyn and I both got new passports! YAY!...and they'll be available for pick up first thing this Wednesday. *whew!* I didn't need a NEW passport since they could have easily stapled an addendum to my original of the name change, but I absolutely despised the picture in my old passport. This is going to sound incredibly vain, but the truth is...the picture is so bad it doesn't even look like me. *pause*...dang, not only did that sound vain, but obnoxious as well. HAHA! In the picture, I looked pale and sick, my hair looked really dried and fried, my eyes were puffy like an eyelid surgery that went horribly wrong. Let's just say that if you ever need a good laugh, I can whip that thing out like an FBI badge and flash ya. hehehe Anyhow, it's just really really awful and I'm so happy I'm getting a replacement. Hooray! =)

It's a great relief to have gotten our passports taken care of....now the only other thing we need to worry about is our visas. Hopefully we'll get those in time. I'm also concered whether or not Ashlyn and I (mostly Ashlyn) will need shots prior to traveling. Hmmmm...I better call her doctor.

After we left the Passport Agency, we grabbed lunch, and then headed back to Aric's work to drop him off. Ashlyn and I got home around 3pm. Ashlyn ate, played, then took a nap. I sprawled on the couch in an awkward "homicide-chalk-outline" position and stared at the ceiling for a really long time....feeling tired and dazed.

Sprained-Sarah posted some fun pics of Bett's birthday...check it out! The posse had gone to Bocce Cafe in North Beach, then Club Ibiza in Oakland. Heard that mah girls all got their drink-on early in the evening. Heard Bett was pretty toasted at the club, dove off the stage, and started her own lil' mosh pit...unfortunately NO ONE else participated. *OUCH!* hehehe Crazy girl! =D

Nothing exciting tonight...dinner with the hubby at home, a second coat of paint to the upstairs bath, and maybe check out something good on the tube.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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