Today was a pretty busy Sunday. Aric, Ashlyn, and I ran errands this morning. We went to Radio Shack, Home D, then picked up lunch, and came home. It wasn't until past noon did I realize that we missed my friend, Anne's graduation! Shyeeeit! I felt pretty bad, but Aric reassured me that it was okay. *Yeah, easy for him to say* We'll take her out to dinner one of these nights and hopefully she'll forgive me. =P

We picked up a few gallons of paint at Home D, and once we got home, I got started right away. I finally finished Ashlyn's room. *whew!* It only took like...what?...almost six weeks? DAMN! The wall border was the toughest, but it really brightens up the room. I'll post pics as soon as I finish moving in her furniture and stuff.
I started painting the upstairs bath and got most of it done. Though smaller than Ashlyn's room, the bathroom took longer to prep. I had to tape around everything. It was really hard painting behind the toilet, around the mirror, and around the tub. The bathroom has higher ceilings too, but not much room for the ladder. =/

Aric watched Ashlyn all afternoon and evening. It's rare that he gets to spend that much time with her, and from upstairs, I can hear him struggling to keep her entertained. She fussed a bit, and heard him ask, "Ashlyn, what's wrong?" After ten minutes or so, I finally had to yell down to remind him to change or feed her. That usually did the trick. hehehe
I took a break around 7:30pm...snacked a bit, got in two loads of laundry, watched TV, and played with Ashlyn while Aric picked up some things at Ed's. I watched the "Tony Awards 2002". That was pretty cool...I love musicals. Ashlyn enjoyed all the singing and dancing and bounced to the music. She developed another goofy face today to add to her collection...she does this thing where she sucks on her upper lip. She did it all day and continued to do it the whole night. It looks really funny because it makes her look like she's all cheeks.

After I put Ashlyn down to bed, I went back to working on the bathroom. I don't know if it's the color (which is a pale peachy yellow) or the vanity lights, but my eyes started to bug out. I think it's best if I work on it during the day....natural light is easier on the eyes. Not to mention that the vanity lights made the bathroom really really hot! *ugh*

That was pretty much my day and night. Once again, my arms are sore and my neck and back feels stiff. I'm exhausted and in need of a hot soothing shower.
Nitey-nite...hope you had a great weekend! =D

Ashlyn playing on the carpet

Ashlyn hugging my knee

Ashlyn's new "goofy face"

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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