To my best friend~ "Fun" doesn't quite sum up what you've brought to my life. Together through the years, we've developed knowing looks and laughs, our own little language that goes beyond words, private jokes, unconditional acceptance of our quirky idiosyncrasies, imperfections, and differences! Thank you for sharing and sticking by me through good, bad, and huge life moments. With each new year, I wish you more of the best! I love yoos!

It's incredible how quickly time flies! Memories from Bett's birthday last year are still fresh in my mind. A big group of us celebrated in Vegas...we had dinner at ROCK LOBSTER then danced the night away at RUM JUNGLE (both in Mandalay Bay).
At ROCK LOBSTER we told our waiter that it was Bett's birthday and asked if there was something special he can do for her. Well, in Vegas, they go all out. Our waiter escorted Bett to the bar...and with the help of some good looking bartenders, they lifted her up onto the bar, had her lie down, and tied her up. One of the bartenders got up on the bar, shoved a mixer into the front his pants and proceeded to "mix" Bett a special concoction. Once mixed, he seductively poured the shot into her mouth then licked the whipped cream off her chest. Oh, did I forget to mention the whipped cream? HAHAHA! They put on quite a show, and the whole restaurant got into it. Bett's face was hot with embarassment, but she's a good sport and got a kick out of it. hehehe At that time, I was nearing my fifth month of pregnancy and was finally beginning to show. =)
Pictures from Bett's party last year:

Cin, Bett, Wil, Tally, Ivy, D, and me

my girls- Wil, Ivy, Bett, and Cin

me and the birthday girl!

getting tied up and lovin' it. HAHA!

"Is that a mixer in your pants or are you happy to see me?" =D

Bett all flushed

waiting in line at Rum Jungle

Today was another warm and sunny day, and once again I stayed indoors. Aric and I gave Ashlyn a bath before he left for school. Ashlyn loves playing in the water and I considered taking her to the pool...but not today. Aric had made an appointment with a painter to give us an estimate on the interior of the house. Since starting Ashlyn's room, we wanted to do the rest of the house. I wouldn't mind painting the bathrooms and bedrooms myself, but I wouldn't dare take on the living room due to our vaulted ceilings. Aric thought if the we're going to get the painter to do the big rooms, we might as well have him do ALL the rooms and hallways too.
For the entire house, the painter quoted us a price well above our budget. We told him that we'd get back to him by Monday. Aric was a bit peeved at me after the painter left. He said that the painter only talked to me and not him....as most sales people have done in the past. Just because I'm cordial and give the impression that I'm "sold" on their services, instead of being indifferent and quiet like Aric. Well, excuuuuuuuuse me for be a pleasant person. hehehe
Just for the record, I don't wear the pants in this house...even though I act like I do. =)
Anyhow, after much deliberation, I decided to paint the bathrooms and bedrooms myself...leaving the bigger rooms, hallways, and staircase to the painter. We'll see what the price difference will be.

I spent the day playing with Ashlyn, painting the window sill of her bedroom, cleaned our room, dusted, did a load of laundry, and helped Aric clean and organize our office.
For dinner Aric and I made fried chicken breasts, french fries, sautéd mushrooms, and pea sprouts with garlic. Ed came over for dinner and we watched "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" on DVD. I heard that the movie was disappointing to many, but I thoroughly enjoyed it...as did Aric and Ed. I like fantasy type movies...magic spells, potions, riddles, creatures, monsters, and such. As a teen, I loved (and still love) the movie, "Labyrinth". Yeah, the one with David Bowie. *teehee* I gushed about it after we watched "Harry Potter" and Aric and Ed had no idea what I was talking about. I have it on VHS, but I doubt Aric would want to watch it since it has muppets and singing. HAHAHA!
After Ed left, we put the baby down to bed and I caught the tail end of SNL with Britney Spears. My favorite person on SNL is Jimmy Fallon. I loved his guitar picking/song renditions of "Roll Out" by Ludacris and "How you Remind Me" by Nickelback. Jimmy Fallon is such a cutie! =)
Well, it's late and we have another full day tomorrow. G'Nite!

Ashlyn posin' in her crib

doing her goofy faces again *sigh*

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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