Today was an eventful day. Ashlyn and I spent the morning and afternoon running around town getting things to help expedite the passport process. First we went to the Orange County Health Care Agency to pick up a certified copy of Ashlyn's birth certificate, then we got passport pictures taken, and then we went to the post office to apply for our passports. Because our travel date is right around the corner, they were not able to process and get our passports to us in time...even if we put a rush on it. The passport guy gave me a number to call to set up an appointment with the Los Angeles Passport Agency. I just need to bring my plane tickets with me (proof of urgency)...which, at the moment, I don't have. =/
Well, Aric will need to accompany me to the LA Passport Agency in order to get Ashlyn's passport. They require both parents present in order to process a child's passport. I guess it's a precaution....it helps to discourage one parent from taking a child out of the country and never returning. hehehe
Ashlyn and I finally got home around 4pm. We were both pretty tired, but only one of us was allowed to nap....and it wasn't me. I took care of some stuff around the house while the baby slept, and before I knew it, Aric came home from work.

My poor husband...I was too tired and lazy to make dinner so Aric heated something from the freezer and ate. We watched TV, then Aric holed himself up in the computer room to study for a couple of hours. I watched "E! True Hollywood Story" on Heidi Fleiss, then watched reruns of "Will and Grace" and "Just Shoot Me". After Aric was done studying for the night, the three of us huddled together and watched "Ocean's Eleven".

I'm not sure what I enjoyed most: the fine guys in cool threads and suave attitudes, the star-power of the movie, the clever story, the witty dialogue, or the fine guys in cool threads and suave attitudes. hehehe Aric and I both liked the movie a lot...for obvious different reasons. But I think I'll have to go through the DVD again, and relish the "behind-the-scenes" and "commentary". *GRIN!*

Ashlyn fell asleep in Aric's lap toward the end of the movie. She's been going to bed around the same time every night consistently the past week. It must be all her rolling around and pulling herself up that tuckers her out. She has gotten really active lately. She is no longer content with just sitting with us. She WANTS to explore!
Also...the past couple of days, she's picked up a new thing...making funny faces. I don't know where she got that from but she'll make a myriad of goofy faces. One of her favorites is the "scared face"...her eyes will get really big, she'll raise her brows, and her mouth will be pulled down like an upsidedown smile (exposing her bottom gums). The first time she did that, I was freaked out. It was just the two of us at home and she kept doing that, causing me to look over my shoulder often. *shake head*
Anyhow, I'm beat. G'Nite!

the "scared face"

her "bashful smile"

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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