Today I had a little BBQ gathering at my mom's....a handful of close friends who came over to spend a funfilled afternoon eating and relaxing. We had hot dogs, burgers, short ribs, baked salmon, bruschetta, cucumber salad, chips and dip, ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberries, and jello shots! Mmmmm!

Aaron wanted to try pudding tea...as did others, so I called Lollicups to make sure they were open and our whole posse headed over there. We ordered a bunch of boba teas, pudding teas, and slushies. We also tried their tasty fried chicken bits, tempura, and squid balls. *yum* Lollicups closed at 7pm, so we headed back to the house to veg out and watch TV. Cin, who flew back from Seattle today, rushed to join us. Too bad Wil and Tony weren't there (they're flying back from New York tonight).

I kept thinking today was Sunday rather than Monday, and I was sad to see people leave early (since they all have to work tomorrow). Cin, Wing, Sarah, Parkin, John, and Betty stayed the longest. Aric made more hot dogs and burgers and we pigged out. Cin even stayed to help me give Ashlyn a bath (since everyone said that she had smelly feet again). HA!...so it's not just me...other people couldn't help smelling Ashlyn's feet even after they heard it smelled. Sick folks! HAHAHA! =D

Today was such a fun and kick-back day! I really hated to see it end. It was great being able to see so many on such a short visit! Thanks, YO!

Pictures from today:

Wing and Aric grilling

me and Aric

me and Bett....Man, I need a tan!

Amanda and Christel

What the HECK is Aaron doing?!

Aaron and Bett in a...uh, compromising postion. HAHAHAHA!

Wing "talking" on Ashlyn's toy phone while Gina, Ivy, and Oli look on

standing in line at Lollicups

Aric and Ashlyn

Parkin and Sarah eating

Mayu giving Aaron something to try

Oli, Aric, Ashlyn, Aaron, Ivy, Bett, Gina, Wing. Sarah, Parkin, and Mayu

food coma victims- Bett and Wing

narcoleptic Oli with Ivy and Mayu

Parkin and Sour Sarah

Aric, Betty, and John

Ashlyn and her aunt Cin

Bett in Ashlyn's PlaySchool thingy

Gina, Bett, Mayu, Sarah, Cin, Ivy, me, and Ashlyn

After everyone took off, Aric and I packed up all our stuff...we have an incredibly early flight tomorrow morning. Ashlyn and I went to bed while Aric stayed up writing his paper for school. Awww...poor guy! =/
Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend! =D

Ashlyn having fun with Grandma

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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