HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother-in-law, Patrick!

Wishing you a great birthday, as well as a fun and safe trip to Guyana!
See you when you get back!

Aric, Ashlyn, and I slept in. Ashlyn and I got up in time to catch Mom and Sis before they left to go shopping. Aric got up shortly after and worked on his paper for school. We had lunch and spent the afternoon with Heather and Eva before heading out to Stephanie and Matt's wedding.

Stephanie and Matt's ceremony was held at the Hakone Gardens in Saratoga's Big Basin area. The weather couldn't have been more perfect...the clear skies and warm breezes added to the tranquility of the japanese gardens' setting. The outdoor ceremony was beautiful and intimate. The reception followed at the Historic Del Monte Building in downtown Sunnyvale.

Pictures from today:

Hakone Gardens

The bride and groom, wedding party, and Reverend Sakamoto

Stephanie and Matt

Randy, Eslake, Chris, and Hope

Aric and Ashlyn

me and Ashlyn

Stephanie and Matt's first dance

cake cutting

feeding of the cake

the blushing bride

me and Aric

me and Steph

It was really nice seeing all my old coworkers again...especially in a non-working environment. Stephanie looked radiant. All of her hard work and planning resulted in such a beautiful and fun wedding. Once again, I think I had too much wine and not enough food. I had a blast! hehehehe Aric, Ashlyn, and I didn't get home too late...although it felt really late. We hung out with Mom in her room until Ashlyn could barely keep her eyes open. After putting her down, we decided to call it a night. *yawn!*

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