We're all packed and ready to go....just waiting for Aric to get home from school so we can go to the airport! *YAY!* What makes this trip even better is that Aric's flying with me! *GRIN* I can't remember the last time we flew together....maybe back in December for Christmas? Wow, long time. =P
Anyhow, I'm not taking the laptop with me since it's a short trip, so journal posts and pictures will resume upon my return.

[time elapsed]

Aric hasn't seen what a good traveler Ashlyn has become. Our flight was unusually packed with families traveling with small children, so we didn't really benefit from our preboarding priviledges. When Aric, Ashlyn, and I finally got on the plane, the tandem seats on Southwest were all snatched up. Ashlyn loves sitting in the tandem seats....she enjoys looking at all the people sitting across from her. We sat in a regular row of seat and kept Ashlyn preoccupied with her toys. She sat and played quietly. Aric was proud. =)
There was a celeb on our flight- pro skater, Steve Cabalero. When the flight attendant made the announcement, not many people knew who he was. But a couple of young kids made their way to his seat to talk with him.
Wing picked us up from the airport. My mom offered, but I knew that she had a previous engagement over at her friend's house this evening so I declined. Besides, I knew Wing's Tahoe was spacious enought to accomodate all of our stuff....and the fact that Wing had asked me many a times for transportation, and I had yet to impose on him. hehehehe

We grabbed dinner at this porridge place at Wolfe Plaza. Bett joined us for dinner but didn't eat. Afterwards, we drove over to Lollicups to meet up with Rich and Millie. Much to all of our disappointment, the place was closed! We headed back to Wolfe Plaza and had boba tea at Fantasia. Not as good as Lollicups, but it's a very popular hang out. Aric and I had a great time hanging out with everyone. Thanks! =D

Pictures from tonight:

Aric and Ashlyn on the plane

Ashlyn playing with the complimentary peanut wrappers

Wing holding Ashlyn way up high!

me and Bett

Wing, Ashlyn, Bett, and Aric

Bett giving Wing a piggy-back

Rich, Ashlyn, and Millie

Millie, Rich, Aric, and Ashlyn at Fantasia

Aric, Ashlyn, and I got dropped off at my parents' around 11pm. We watched SNL with Jack Black as host until Mom and Sis got back from the party. Ashlyn and I hung out with them for a bit. Aric fell asleep on the couch...I had to wake the poor guy up and drag him to bed. Both Aric and Ashlyn were pretty tired. I fell asleep to the sound of their snores. Like father, like daughter. hehehehe

Ashlyn watching Cartoon Network this morning

"Mom, you're blocking the TV!"

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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