Ashlyn playing in her crib this morning

Ashlyn with her new Pooh crib set and blanket

So whadda ya think? Too much Pooh? Yeah, my thoughts exactly...not enough.
We want MORE! hehehe

Ashlyn's always at her best in the morning. Unlike me or Aric, she wakes up smiling and happy. Then as the day wears, she begins to wind down. Though playful, we have to work at getting her to smile as bright as she does in the mornings.

Today was a normal quiet day....nothing too exciting. I checked email and finally responded to some that were building up in my inbox. With many friends leaving for small trips over the long weekend, my inbox wasn't quite as full as usual. *whew*

Tonight we went out to dinner for Emily. A belated birthday dinner with a small group of friends. We ate at WASA Sushi...this small Japanese restaurant nearby. Aric and I have walked past it many times, but never had the interest of checking it out. It's a cute little place. I found the food surprisingly good...although Aric wasn't as impressed. We shared sushi, sashimi, calamari, and tempura as appetizers, then we each ordered a combo dinner. The birthday girl opted for a small thing of rolls and that's it. When harassed if she was on a diet, she laughed and said that she was planning on picking off all of our plates. *smart girl!* =D
Conversation was fun and enlightening...it ranged from disgusting details of gross things you had to eat on "Fear Factor" and "Glutton Bowl" to the economic and developmental uprising of China to shopping and great bargains. One interesting point brought up about China. Since they still enforce the one-child law, we discovered that the use of words such as sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or cousins would soon become obsolete. Hmmmm...
Anyhow, most of us had a great time. I think Phil was irritated and nauseated by some of our topics of conversations. =P
Here are pictures from tonight:

Nancy, Ashlyn, and Emily

Kent, Nancy, Emily, and John

Ann and Phil

Aric, Ashlyn, and me

Emily and her birthday cake...ahhh, what a young 'un!

Ashlyn with frosting on her nose and lip

Nancy, Emily, me, Ashlyn, and Ann

Ashlyn and Emily

the girls

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Irvine, CA 92602
Tel: (714) 665-3338
Fax: (714) 665-9996

Brian met up with us before dinner was over. He sat outside of the restaurant looking all lonely. HAHAHA So we wrapped up the party and said our goodbyes. Aric, Ashlyn, and I (along with Brian) headed over to Ed and Sue's so the guys could work on some computer stuff. It's funny how one day I won't have anything to do or anywhere to go, and the next, we'll have lots.

Ed and Sue playing with Ashlyn

Ashlyn, Sue, and I hung out and watched TV. We watched a really old taping of "The Newlywed Game". I totally remembered watching that as a kid. It was hilarious seeing all the couples sport old skool (I'm talking REALLY old skool) clothes and hair. I got a big kick out of the word they used to refer to sex..."whoopy"! HAHAHAHA! They were so prudent with their questions...regardless, I still think those were pretty good questions. For kicks, I'm going to ask Aric one now...
Peg: "Hey hon, if we were to go out to dinner, would you say MY favorite food would walk, crawl, fly, swim, or none of the above?"
Aric: "Uh...fly?"
Peg: *making the buzzer sound* "nope."
Aric: "swim?"
Peg: "yeah."
Sushi's my favorite. hehehehe Anyhow, Sue and I watched the couple with the highest score win a BRAND NEW 20" COLOR TV (built into one of those wooden consoles with dial knobs) and A PAIR OF LAZYBOY RECLINERS! HAHAHAHAHA Those were the days, huh? All you need is a tv tray and a couple of tv dinners and you're all set! =D

Aric and I got back pretty late. I'm pooped! G'Nite!

Ashlyn enjoying her graham cracker



for someone who doesn't have teeth, she sure polished that off quick!

me all done! *messy messy*
Ashlyn's pics of the day

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