May your day be filled with Hello Kitty, The Powerpuff Girls, and Scooby Doo! =)

Unlike yesterday, today kept me quite busy. After Ashlyn's lunch, we went shopping. It was baby's first time riding in her new car seat. I had a heck of a time getting the seat into the car...it's really big! For Ashlyn's age, the seat is reclined for rear-facing. I had to move my driver's seat forward to make room for it. But even with the car seat reclined, once Ashlyn's all buckled in, she looks like she's sitting at a 90 degree angle (and very uncomfortable). =/
I'm curious, am I supposed to stuff a rolled up towel underneath to tilt it back so she's not so upright???
Anyhow, we went to IKEA. Let me just say that I love IKEA! I love walking through the showroom and admiring the nicely furnished "rooms". It's amazing how much they can do with such little space. I suppose that's the whole point. I also love how affordable everything is! Originally I went for baby bibs....a neat tip-off from Karen. If you're like me, and do not like a whole lotta print and embroidery on bibs, IKEA sells a pack of 5 plain bibs for $4.95! That's such a great deal! The bibs are 100% cotton, each bib with different color piping. Simple and sweet.
I also ended up picking up a frame and a footstool before leaving.

Ashlyn and I stopped off at Target next. I got materials needed to assemble party favors for a friend. I ended up cruising around the whole store looking at everything. I bought Ashlyn a new Pooh crib set. I think I'm getting a little too carried away with this Pooh thing. *shrug* Eh, it's just too cute to resist. =D

Once we got home and Ashlyn had her dinner, I got started on the party favors. It took me much longer than I thought. I gauged the time spent doing the favors by how many sitcoms I watched: "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Just Shoot Me", "Friends", "Everybody Loves Raymond", and the beginning of the series finale of "Felicity". Holy cow!....Two and a half hours before I was finally done. Ashlyn played quietly nearby, then took a nap.

Aric had school tonight, and I just anticipated a quiet night at home with Ashlyn. But my father-in-law and Netty came over to visit and that was a nice surprise. I barely watched "Felicity. But from what I did catch here and there, I was totally confused. Is this still when she rewinds time to be with Noel?...or are we current? Why the heck did she check into a mental institution?
Wing called and told me that "Celebrity Boxing" was on, so I tuned in to that.

Joanie Laurer VS Joey Buttafuoco

I caught the last round with Darva Conger VS Olga Korbut. Yeah...Darva was really kicking butt, and it wasn't until she won and they removed the head gear that I realized the big age difference between the two contestants. I frowned with disapprovement. That's not fair! The rest of the fights were the same...C'mon, Screech Powers and the old guy from "Welcome Back Kotter"?! Or William Perry and Manut Bol?!...HELLO?!...NO FAIR!
But the UNFAIREST of all was the highlight fight between Joanie aka "Chynna" Laurer and Joey aka "The asshole pedophile adulterer wannabe famous pitiful has-been goon" Buttafuoco.
I watched Joey pound on Chynna relentlessly, pulling some cheap tricks, and going as far as flinging her onto the ground by her neck! He should have been disqualified right there!...but they continued the fight for the full three rounds! I was incredibly disgusted and pissed beyond belief. I was seeing red! If it weren't for the fact that my father-in-law and Netty were over, I would have had a fit in the living room! My father-in-law just shook his head and commented on how trashy the show was. The only thing trashy was Joey Buttafuoco! I just couldn't believe how he could have boxed the way he did. And why the hell did Fox allow that pair up? *UGH!* Anyways...much props to Chynna. I think she fought fair and clean, and landed some decent punches. She also carried herself with much class and sportsmanship afterward.
My father-in-law and Netty left shortly after. Aric watched Ashlyn as I removed her old bedding from the crib, and laid out the warm and freshly laundered sheets, crib bumper, and blanket. Ashlyn fell asleep pretty quickly. =)

I got emails from Matty and Bett who took some of the tests from yesterday's journal and shared them with me. THANKS!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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