Today was a nice quiet day. Patrick came over this morning to pick up a computer and he stayed for a little while. He peeked in on his niece (who was still asleep). We sat around talking and that eventually woke Ashlyn up. She opend her eyes , stared at Patrick for a second, then beamed the biggest smile at him. Patrick played with Ashlyn for a bit before leaving for work.

Aaaaah, a day without any laundry, cleaning, or vacuuming needed. Hmmmm. I'd go to the beach if it weren't for the whacked weather...sunny one minute, dark and gloomy the next.
Not only do I have nothing to do, but I have nothing good to write about either. *sigh* It's just one of those days. =P

Here are some tests that I took for fun via Dina's site:

You are Drew Barrymore!
You acted in cool movies like:
Charlie's Angels, Never Been Kissed, The Wedding Singer,
Scream, Poison Ivy and E.T.
Which Hollywood Princess are you?
*roll eyes* Yeah, why am I'm not surprised?

Which Sex and the City Player Are You?
Miranda?...I see a little bit of each girl in me, but more so Carrie.

Which Buffy Girl Are You?
me?...the Slayer? I wouldn't know since I don't follow the show, but I like the description! =D

Which Action Star Are You?

Which Breakfast Clubber Are You?
Hmmmm. At least I wasn't the militant principle *ooga-booga!*

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego?
What girl wouldn't want to have fun?! =)

Who's Your Movie Sidekick?
Yeah, DUCKIE! I loved his song and dance at the record store!

What's Your Sexual MO?
You love to be pampered and romanced by your men and things like cuddling by a fire, having an intimate meal, or having a long, deep conversation can always put you in the mood. Sex to you is usually more about the man your with than the act itself. Not a one-night stand kind of girl, newness and disconnectedness just don't do it for you. The mature, stable men you prefer to date appreciate your loyalty and big heart, but they especially love the way you inspire their more aggressive, protective masculine side.
What's with the "976-XXXX" picture?!
Anyhow, this is probably too much information than you wanted to know. =P

Who's Your Inner Music Industry Diva?
WOW! I'm surprised. I thought I would be Lisa Lisa or someone with big hair. hehehe

Trends? Forget it! You want to be a star because of your simple beauty and super-charming personality, not because of your wild style ways. Some may say that you're way too predictable, but you've stuck with the same stuff for years because you know that it makes you look pulled together and pretty. Don't be afraid to let loose, though, by trying out a slightly toned down trend now and then -you could have a blast mixing the old with the new.
What's Your Style?
Actually, I turn to Bett for fashion tips and style.

Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain
HAHAHA...and yellow is my favorite color. Go figure.

Two and a half hours till "Smallville". Hope it's good. So far all the season finales have been mediocre.

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