DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT! I'm so mad at myself! Ashlyn fell off the bed for the second time this morning! After the first time, I vowed to myself that I would never leave her unattended again. The sour thing was, she WASN'T unattended...I'm just an idiot and I was lying right next to her! She rolled (unlike the first time) and had picked up momentum (which is rare) , and my reflexes were not quick enough. DAMMIT! Poor girl landed face down again (pacifier still in her mouth *owie*). I picked her up quick. She screamed like I've never heard! She was pretty freaked out because her poor lil' face and lips were completely pale. I felt awful...just awful!
Aric had left for work not long before and I called to tell him. Because he hadn't reached work yet, I left a pretty pathetic and apologetic message on his voicemail. Ashlyn pretty much cried herself back to sleep. *UGH!* I should just leave her in her crib instead of bringing her into bed with me after Aric leaves for work. But I can't help it...she's so cuddly! *sniff* =(
When Ashlyn woke up again at her usual time, she was all smiles and had forgotten about the horrible accident. Regardless, my guilt consumed me and I spent the entire day paying extra close attention to her.

Aric came home a little bit earlier from work. We had to pick up some things at Costco and Babies R Us. Ashlyn's been in need of a new car seat. She had outgrown her infant seat for a while now. Aric's been doing a lot of research the past few nights on all the different car seats. Initially, he wanted to get her a Simpson or a Recaro car seat. For those who are not familiar, Aric's really into cars..you know, modifying and suping them up. But after some extensive research, he realized that comfort, dependability, and safety came above just looks and price. And believe me, those car seats were hella pricey!
We went to the Babies R Us in Irvine, and as usual, they're out of stock on most items. We called another Babies R Us, and they had the car seats we were looking for. We drove to the Brea store and picked it up. It was between the Cosco Alpha Omega (which was highly recommended by Tony and Virginia) or the Britax Roundabout. After much deliberation, we opted for the Cosco Alpha Omega...because it seats up to 80lbs. Unlike the Britax, which only seats up to 40lbs...and at the rate Ashlyn's growing, she may outgrow that thing in no time!

We got home around 9:30pm. I fed and played with Ashlyn, while Aric was busy setting up her car seat. We put her in it, and she loved it. She sat in her new luxurious "throne" like a little princess. Ivy called and we talked at length, all the while Ashlyn was busy squealing and making blowing faces. Ivy thought it was so cute, but I was getting spit on. =P

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn pulling herself up to a standing position with some help from Daddy

Aric with Ashlyn and her new car seat

Lovin' it!

Ashlyn's blowing face *yuck*

Didn't do much else tonight. Just spent time with Aric and watched "NBC's 20 Years of Must See TV" with Will & Grace's Eric McCormack as host. I can't wait until tomorrow's season finale of "Smallville"! YAY!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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