HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Matthew!

Lots of big wishes, presents, hugs, and kisses on this special day!

Today was a pretty fun day. Aric, Ashlyn, and I slept in. Then Aric and I ran some errands before he dropped me off at Ed and Sue's. Sue called me last week to invite me to some scrapbooking workshop being conducted at her house. I initially snickered when I heard, but graciously accepted. I didn't really know what to expect. I was only told to bring $10 and some pictures...so I brought pictures of Aric and Ashlyn.

Let me just say that scrapbooking is a very elaborate (and expensive) hobby. Aside from cutting and pasting pictures with captions, there are all sorts of neat materials you can get to enhance the whole picture preserving process. The gal, Michelle, who was conducting the workshop brought along a couple of her sample books, and I was completely blown away by the creativity and intricacy of making one of these albums! Seven girls (including myself) spent the afternoon making a page for an album. Michelle talked us through the process and introduced us to a bunch of neat gadgets: paper cutters, trimmers, stencils, corner rounders, circle/oval patterns, tape runners, etc... After completing our page, Michelle handed out a price list for the "must-haves" of scrapbooking. I looked at the price list and...*gasp!*...GATDAMN, this is pricey! Prices start from around $150 to $300! =O
While most of us wanted time to think about purchasing, one of the girls plopped down cold hard cash for collection set. And even though I know Aric wouldn't object if I wanted to get one, I had to consider if this was something I could actually commit to. I mean, even if I wanted to re do ALL of our photo albums, do I really have the time?...these days, Ashlyn won't let me go pee unless I bring her. Plus, I can handle one project at a time, and right now we're still doing Ashlyn's room and other home improvements. *sigh* I'll think about it. If you're interested in this type of stuff, you can check out their webpage.
Anyways, after the workshop, we had potluck, ate, talked, and watched TV.

Sherri, Michelle, Sue, Lisa, and Alice working on albums

Alice, Sherri, and Cynthia eating

Sue and Michelle in the kitchen

Ed, Aric, and Ashlyn returned soon after the girls started to leave. I was away from Ashlyn for a few hours, but I started to miss her. I played with her while Aric and Ed ate.

STAR WARS-Episode II Attack Of The Clones

After the fellas ate, Ed made a phone call, spoke in korean, hung up and annouced, "Okay, we're going to see Phantom Menace!" We all stared at him blankly.
Ed: "...Uh, I mean, Attack Of The Clones!"
Peg: "okay...have fun." (preparing to leave)
Ed: "No...ALL OF US! Let's go! Hurry!"
Peg and Aric: "Huh?"
Ed: "I just talked to my mom, and she's going to watch Ashlyn for us. C'Mon!"
Aric and I broke into a slow wide smile. I had to argue with Ed for good measure, to make sure that it was REALLY and TRULY okay with his mom. Sure enough...it was. WOW! It's been ages since Aric and I seen a movie together in the theaters! Kickass! We dropped the baby off at Ed's parents' place and headed to Irvine Spectrum.

I thought the movie was really good..but then again, I was incredibly elated to be at the movies again. hehehe
I thought Natalie Portman was looking beautiful as ever, I liked that Samuel L. Jackson had a bigger role this time, I enjoyed Ewan McGregor's performance, I smiled seeing Jimmy Smits, and Yoda is definitely THE JEDI MASTER! On the flipside, I was disappointed at Hayden Christensen's portrayal of Anakin Skywalker, I thought the love scenes were a bit...uh, forward, and I wonder how George Lucas is going to tie everything together in the next Episode.

One main reason I like going to the movies is seeing the trailers for upcoming movies. "Undercover Brother" looks pretty funny, and I was most excited seeing the "Matrix -Reloaded" trailer (since my girls, Ivy and Sarah, were both extras in the movie). YAY!

We picked up Ashlyn around 11:30pm. Ed's mom said she wailed a bit while looking around for me and Aric. Awwww! That's a first! We brought her home and tucked her into bed. She had a long exciting day. *YAWN!* I'm pooped too! Hope you had a great weekend!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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