(Christmas Party 1999)
Hope your day is as warm and sweet as your smile!

Happy Friday! My day was spent unpacking, settling in, doing laundry, picking up around the house, sorting through a ton of mail, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning out the fridge.
I wonder what Aric ate while I was out of town? Aside from grilling some meat and ordering pizza, Aric didn't touch anything in the fridge. A bunch of vegetables went bad and I ended up having to throw it all away. *tsk-tsk*

Ashlyn had a bath this morning. For someone who doesn't wear shoes and rarely wears socks, she's got some stinky feet! And for some twisted reason, I can't stop sniffing them. She gets a good laugh whenever I bring her tiny feet to my nose, make a face, and say , "schmelly schmelly!" After her bath, I let her roll around on the towel in the buff. She surprised me, and herself, by FINALLY rolling from tummy to back! She kept herself busy rolling from back to tummy to back repeatedly....trying to perfect the skill. *beam* I was so proud! =) hehehe

Since returning home last night, Ashlyn has refused to eat solids. I gave her some creamed spinach (which she normally likes), but she either kept spitting it out, making a huge mess, or refused to open her mouth. I, then, opened up a jar of carrots (which she likes even better) and....same thing. I wasn't too pleased about that. =(
So today I was hoping she would eat without a fuss, but she continued to be uncooperative. *sigh* I was persistent at each feeding, and by late afternoon (and with much coaxing), she slowly began accepting solids again. But she ate without relish or zeal that usually comes with eating. I hope this isn't an indication of a finicky eater. =/

After Aric got home from work, he played with Ashlyn while I took a nice long shower. Tonight we had dinner with Ed, Sue, James, Grace, and Lauren. James took us to this really great Korean restaurant in Garden Grove. I didn't catch the name, but it's on Brookhurst...uh, which isn't much help....it's like saying, "this one Chinese restaurant in Chinatown). =P
I really liked this place. Instead of the normal kalbi/bulgogi, you grill a variety of unmarinated meats and eat them with several types of dipping sauces. We also wrapped the meats in thin rice "papers" accompanied by sliced radishes and korean salad. It was different and delicious! The restaurant was really nice, clean, and airy. When we left, we didn't reek of BBQ. Patti and Sam joined us mid-meal.

I have some exciting news!!! Grace, Patti, and Sue are all pregnant and expecting later this year! My prayers have finally been answered...friends who are jumping on the baby-bandwagon with me! YAY! This will be Grace's second child, but the first for Patti and Sue. VERY EXCITING! As for my girls -Cin, Ivy, and Wil...I won't hold my breath. They've made it perfectly clear that they are going to wait (as long as they can). =T

After dinner, we went to The Block at Orange for free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and to walk off our meal. At Krispy Kreme, Ashlyn had a big poop...and since she didn't get adequate amounts of solids, the poopy was loose and ran out the front of her diaper! Of course it would have to happen on the one occasion I didn't pack an extra outfit. =( I changed her onesie and threw on her jacket. We kept her warm under her blanket. The Block was pretty packed! I think the Red Hot Chili Peppers were at Vans Skatepark performing and promoting Dogtown and Z-Boys.
We walked around for a while then called it a night.

Pictures from tonight:

Sue and Ed

Grace, Lauren, and James

me and Aric

lil' Lauren

Sam and Patti

Ed tossing Lauren

Aric and Ashlyn at The Block

the guys talking

Ashlyn looking serious

Have a great weekend! =D

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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