I didn't sleep well last night. It must have been the Starbucks because my sleep was interrupted by several trips to the potty. Then this morning I woke up to the sound of someone singing "La Bamba" at the top of their lungs. WTH?! I peeked out to see if it was a gardener....nope. I was half asleep and completely irritated! I wanted to open the window and scream, "SHADDUP!" But then I heard sounds of kids laughing and realized that it was a teacher who took his classroom outdoors. My parents live right next to a middle school. *huff* I was wondering what kind of weirdo would sing so loud so early in the morning? I looked at the clock...it was 9:38am. It wasn't THAT early...just early for me. hehehe I crawled back into bed and slept till close to 11am. I hung out at home most of the afternoon with Ashlyn. Our bags were packed, I cleaned up the room we stayed in, and I waited patiently for Sis to pick me up.

San Jose International is such a zoo! My flight was completely packed...mostly with business travellers. Business travellers have less patience flying with people travelling with infants. It's written all over their face. I even got resentful looks for preboarding. *shrug* Oh well. Luckily, the people seated around me were very nice. Once again, Ashlyn was a good girl on the flight. She played till she got tired then she fell asleep.

Aric picked us up at the airport and we stopped off at Oscar's to pick up dinner on the way home. Ed and Sue came over to eat with us and to watch the season finale of "Friends", "Will & Grace", and "ER". I put Ashlyn down for bed before they left. She was showing signs of sleepiness and fussiness. But once in her crib, she was re-energized and wanted to play. I had to remove all her toys and her mirror from the crib so she wouldn't be distracted. Next thing I knew...she was trying to rip the crib bumpers off. *sigh* She eventually fell asleep...in an awkward sideways position. *shake head* Ed and Sue were amazed at how "grown up" she's become. To say that she's becoming a handful is an understatement. hehehehe

MUCHO THANKS to everyone who made this past visit so much fun! Ashlyn and I had a great time! I have to admit though...it's nice to be home with Aric again. I missed him! =)

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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