Today was a pretty eventful day. I figured that I might as well make the most of the day before I head back home tomorrow. I convinced Wing to take a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and play hooky from work. Eh...homeboy can afford to take some time off...he's accrued nearly 400 hours (10 weeks) vacation! I hope that guy gets a girlfriend quick, because at this rate, he's just going to "marry" his work and not get a chance to fully enjoy what life has to offer.

Wing, Ashlyn, and I went to lunch with Sarah and to visit her at work in Oakland. It was an extra special treat having Parkin meet up with us. We ate in Oakland Chinatown at ABC Cafe. The food was good and really cheap. Ashlyn was very popular with the waitresses. I don't know cantonese, but I know what "ho fay ah" or "fay mui" means. I've been hearing that a lot! Yeah yeah...I know, Ashlyn's a robust baby. =P HAHAHAHA!
It's been ages since I've been to Oakland Chinatown. I was pretty impressed that I still knew my way around. hehehehe I pointed out the medical building where I used to work during my college years. It still looks the same. After lunch, we walked around and enjoyed the warm weather. I tried to talk Sarah and Parkin into taking the rest of the day off too, but they couldn't. Yeah, I'm such a bad influence. *tee-hee*
Because most of Sarah's coworkers are on a business trip, her office is pretty much empty...allowing us to hang out for a while. Sarah's company has a huge warehouse (the size of a grocery store). I needed to wash my hands so she offered to take me to the restroom. We walked toward the warehouse, and once inside, she handed me a Razor. I was like, "huh?" She said the restrooms were toward the back wall of the warehouse and we would get there faster if we just Razor-ed over there. HAHAHAHAHA! So off we went. I was a bit shaky on the scooter at first...but on the way back, I raced Sarah (although she didn't know it) and I WON! OH YEAH! =) Wing, Parkin, Ashlyn, and I left around 3:30pm. If I were really lazy...I'd just tell you to go onto Sarah's site, to see what we did today...but I realized that I'm much more verbose than she. hahahaha!

Wing has been in search of a good boba tea place. I took him to Lollicups in Cupertino. I also introduced pudding milk tea and the fried chicken. He looked pleased. *whew!*...mission accomplished! We sat around, talked, and played with Ashlyn. Then Wing dropped us off at my mom's office before heading out to meet his bro-in-law from HK. Thanks, Winger, for a most excellent day! Thanks for chauffeuring me and Ashlyn all around the Bay! =)

Wil and Bett met me at Mom's office so we could car-pool to Girl's Nite. I haven't seen Bett all week because she was vacationing in Hawaii, and just got back last night. Let me just say that girlfriend is BUH-LACK! I've never seen Bett so tan in my whole entire life! She said that she got equally dark on her Maui trip a few years back...but I disagree. Anyhow, we met up with Cin and Ivy in San Mateo...at this All-You-Can-Eat Buffet place. The food was okay I guess...it's hard to distinguish when you're starved. hehehe
The girls took turns getting their Ashlyn-fix. I might as well admit right now that I've lost my girlfriends to my daughter. They no longer want to see ME...they only want to see Ashlyn! I just happen to be an afterthought. *sigh* haha...kidding. I'm actually incredibly blessed that my girlfriends love and spoil her the way they do. They said something absolutely absurd tonight...they said that they could only hope to love their own babies as much as they love Ashlyn. Uh....crack-smokers! Need I justify that with an answer?
Since Ashlyn was born, a lot of people say that they were surprised that I took the baby out as much as I did. The truth is...I was only able to do so because my friends are so helpful and supportive when we go out. Have you ever seen 5 girls crammed in a stall surrounding a changing table? hehehe They are all so great and Ashlyn is so lucky to have such wonderful aunties!

We walked to our usual Starbucks on 4th Avenue after dinner and hung out there until they closed. My girlfriends and I finalized everything for our Girl's Trip (Part Deux). I'm soooooo excited!...a 7-day cruise! Aric is planning to take a week off from work to stay home with Ashlyn. YAY! =D
*YAWN!*...what a long day! I have to pack up before bed so....G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Sarah, Ashlyn, and Parkin at ABC Cafe


me and Wing

Ashlyn enjoying the sun

me, Super-Sarah, and Ashlyn by the water fountains

Sarah, Parkin, Ashlyn, and Wing

the two baldies at Sarah's desk

Wing admiring the calendar behind him *hom-sup*

Wing at Lollicups

Ashlyn with mommy's boba tea

Bett with Ashlyn, Cin, Wil, and Ivy at dinner

me and the girls at Starbucks

Bett, Wil, Cin, Ashlyn, and Ivy

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