Cin called this morning to see if I was okay from the earthquake. She said the magnitude was 5.5 and the epicenter was Gilroy. But then throughout the day, I heard that it was 4.9 from Aric and 5.2 from Mom and Sis. Yeah yeah....in the 5's. I get the picture. Thanks. =P

Ivy drove down today and we spent the day together. We didn't do much except kick it at my parents' place, wasting the entire afternoon waiting for some stupid guy to come pick up a bunch of boxes (47 to be exact, that needed to be shipped to Taiwan). Stupid guy was supposed to arrive this morning around 10am, but never showed. Then his boss called to tell me that he was on his way over around 2pm. I told him that he needed to get here no later than 5pm. Stupid guy showed up at 5:15! LAME! Then stupid guy had the nerve to huff and puff over loading all the boxes....even asked if I had a hand-truck. Lazy ass! Eva and I ended up helping him load up the truck. Whoa...I must be really irritated since I've dedicated a whole paragraph to stupid guy. *UGH!* It's just so annoying how some people are not considerate of your time. Anyway, after stupid guy left, Ivy and I grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and walked around the new plaza. I had dinner plans so we didn't stay long.

Ivy kissing Ashlyn

Ashlyn and her godmother

Sis, Wil, and I took Mom out to dinner for her birthday. We went to Il Fornaio at the Hyatt Sainte CIaire in Downtown San Jose. It was great!
With all the Girl's Nites that Wil and I have, we've never gotten together with just Mom. I mean, Wil, Sis, and I have gotten together for dinner before and talked about everything...work, friends, sex, relationships, our childhood, etc. When mom caught wind of that, she felt bummed and left-out. So this year we decided to take her out and dish as we would at a regular Girl's Nite. Perhaps it's a sign that we have a lot more in common with Mom now, because we had so much fun! Aside from the topic of...*ahem*...sex, we talked about everything else. I swear, the older we get, the younger Mom seems. I'm incredibly lucky to be as close to my parents and sisters as I am. *warm and fuzzies*
We shared a warm spinach salad, enjoyed our entrees with a bottle of David Bruce Petit Sirah, indulged in Tiramisu and Warm Apple Crepes with Vanilla Bean ice cream and coffee. We sat there for nearly four hours before heading home.
A funny addendum to the evening...Mayor Ron Gonzales sat to my right at the next table. He recognized Mom from the charity banquet...but because of the embarassing slip up last Friday, he decided to forgo the congenial smile, "hello", and handshake. From the corner of my eye, I noticed him looking over quite often throughout the night. Hmmm.

Wil, Mom, and Sis

me with my sisters and Mom

Mom and Sis

me and Wil

Mom and Sis with desserts *YUM!*

I got back in time for Ashlyn's last feeding. Heather, Eva, and Marisa watched her for me tonight. Ashlyn always has fun with her cousin, Marisa. It's because kids have the energy to play with other kids. Marisa sings songs and entertains Ashlyn by dancing or doing cartwheels or whatever. I played with Ashlyn for a bit then gave her a bath and tucked her into bed.
Now I'm going to attempt to update the webpage. Wish me luck because NetZero SUCKS!

Ashlyn and Grandma

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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