Happy Mother's Day!

my mom

Ahhhh, my first Mother's Day. I got plenty of cards, ecards, gifts, hugs, and kisses. It was really nice, but I hardly felt as though I deserved it...especially compared to my mom.
Some people aspire to be just like their mom while others do what they can to separate any similarity or connection to their mom. As a teeneager, I was shamefully the latter...but now, I can only wish to be a quarter of what she has become.
Through the years, her shoes have become much TOO big to fill (Mom has been featured numerous times in the chinese newpapers and even the San Jose Mercury for her achievements in business and/or various charities).
I reflect on her diligence in raising a close and loving family, proud of the success and growth of her business plus her ability to overcome challenges with grace and patience, touched and indebted for her sacrifices, in awe of her many accomplishments and involvements with various organizations, as well as admire her dedication and enthusiasm that goes into each and every one, impressed with her active social life and the amount of friends who would do just about anything for her, and dumbstruck at her ability to pull it off like it ain't no thang! My mom ROCKS!!!

Today was a nice relaxing day. I got to sleep in. Tony and Wil brought over pizzas for lunch and we spent the entire day with hanging out with Mom, Sis, and the kids.
Pictures from today:

Marisa and Ashlyn playing on the couch

Mom feeding Ashlyn

Wil and nieces

Tony and Wil fixed us dinner and we watched "The Others" on DVD. Unfortunately something happened to the DVD where it would freezed up toward the last 10-15 minutes of the movie. *sour!* Wil, Tony, Marisa, and Mom were getting irritated. I tried fixing it, but it kept getting worse. DAMN DVD from China! Wil and Tony didn't bother to finish watching it. It was getting late and we had spent nearly an hour switching the DVD from the player to the computer to see if the quality would improve....no such luck. Wil and Tony headed home....I think it was freakin' frustrating for them. Yeah, I don't blame them...not being able to finish a thriller like that just sucks. =/

Sis came over to hang out. We stayed up till almost 2am talking.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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