(Jenni's birthday, May 2000)
May all your wishes come true!


Happy Friday! This morning Ashlyn and I took my dad to SFO. He's hiking another part of China with his friends. Although I'm going to miss him terribly, I'm really excited for him. This is a great time for Dad to travel and see the sights. I was just bummed to have had one day to spend with him. *POO!* =( At least we were able to talk and catch up on the way to the airport.

After dropping Dad off, I went to visit Karen and her new babies- Tyler and Connor. After years of trying, Karen and her husband consulted with a fertility specialist...and after spending an arm and a leg and being emotionally taxed, the twins finally came to bless their lives. I am so incredibly happy for them! The twins were absolutely adorable! Karen and I shared stories and views on motherhood. With two babies, my 'hardships' could hardly compare with Karen's. Luckily Karen has a live-in nanny that helps her with the babies. The nanny was pretty amazing...with one baby cradled in her arms and another strapped to her back, she was able to soothe both to sleep and keep Ashlyn entertained while Karen and I ate lunch.

Tyler at 2 months

Connor giving me a smile

Ashlyn and Tyler

me and Karen

Poor Connor was born with a cleft lip, and needs to be fed by a special bottle. I watched with great interest as Karen fed Connor. It made me realize how easily I take for granted the simple things in life. *sigh* =T
Karen and I hung out, talked, and played with the babies. Ashlyn enjoyed playing in the boys' Combi Rocker/Bouncer. I had to be home in time to prepare for Mom's fundraising banquet tonight, so I left around 3:30pm. Much thanks to Karen for a great afternoon! =)

Driving through Friday afternoon traffic felt oddly familiar. I was dying because the combination of the sun in my eyes and food-coma made driving home extremely tricky. Ashlyn was peacefully sleeping while I slapped myself repeatedly in the face to keep from joining her. I felt much better once I got home. My cousins watched Ashlyn while I showered and got ready for the banquet. The banquet is a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that my mom is currently president of. This organization funds educational programs for underpriviledged youth. It's definitely a worthy cause.
Ashlyn and I sat with Wil, Tony, and some friends of my parents. The evening's program was long and behind schedule. Many important and well known community leaders were present at the event. San Jose's Mayor, Ron Gonzales, was the evening's key note speaker. By the time he spoke, a lot of people seemed restless and unresponsive, but something he said at the closing of his speech caught my attention (as well as the rest of the room's). He said, "I would like to thank you for inviting me here tonight, and I hope you continue to have great sex....er, success." DOH! A buzz traveled about the room. He boned outta there in a quickness. I cringe (then laugh) just thinking about his freudian slip.
The rest of the evening was alright. I didn't bid on any of the silent auction items. The only thing worth bidding on was the roundtrip tickets to Taiwan on EVA Airlines, but I doubt I would even have time to go this year. Oh, the highlight of the evening was watching Sis and her dance group perform an upbeat number. My Sis looked HOT! Pictures from tonight:

Wil, Sis, and me

me, Wil, Mom, and Sis

Mom giving her speech

Ashlyn with Taiwan's esteemed Diplomat

Linda, Sis, and Susan

Wil, Ashlyn, and me

We didn't get home until close to midnight, but the event was a huge success and my mom looked relieved and happy. Ashlyn had a pretty exhausting evening...she was got passed around a lot tonight and missed her evening nap. By the time we got home, she was ready to crash out. After putting Ashlyn down to bed...Wil, Mom, Tony, and I stayed up talking and enjoying the nice treat I got in the mail.

a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries. YUM!
An early Mother's Day gift from Ashlyn (with a lil' help from her Daddy). Awww! =D

*YAWN*....another long day! Have a great weekend! G'nite!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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