I got up pretty early this morning and got everything ready to go. Aric and I woke Ashlyn up at the very last possible minute (she was none too happy about that). Aric dropped us off at the airport on his way to work. We always say our goodbyes as I get in line at the security checkpoint. The woman who stood in line before me looked like Michael Douglas' character in "Falling Down"...ready to snap at any moment. It was apparent by the way she pushed her toddler in the umbrella stroller while dragging a toddler car-seat by the belt strap. The car-seat wouldn't follow willingly so she yanked on the strap rough and hard, causing the car-seat to tumble bulkily and making quite a scene. She became so frustrated at one point that she dropped kicked the car-seat! The airport security took notice and began to watch her carefully. I kinda dropped behind and decided to get in a different line (the people behind me followed suit). All it took was a small request from the checkpoint officials to set her off (they asked her to take her baby out of the stroller). She ranted and raved...yelling at everyone, scaring her baby (who started screaming and crying)...then the lady broke down in dramatic sobs herself. It was quite a scene. I tried to pass through the checkpoint as quickly and quietly as possible..all the while, hoping that she wasn't on my flight. Thankfully, she wasn't. *whew!* The flight was nice and Ashlyn was a very good girl. I didn't hear peep out of her and she kept the passengers around us entertained with her smiles.

My mom picked us up and we had lunch with Rudy at a vegetarian place downtown. Afterwards, Mom and I ran some errands, then headed home. I was able to get in a quick cat-nap before dinner...something I haven't done in a really long time. =)
Because my dad's taking off for his China trip tomorrow, we decided to take Mom out for an early Mother's Day dinner tonight. We went to Korea House in Santa Clara. The food and service was really good, but because I've have Korean food three days this week, I didn't have much of an appetite for it. I sat at the kid's table with Ashlyn and ended up serving the kids all night. The kids were funny...with all the yummy food on the table, they only wanted to eat white rice and a little bit of soup. Hmmmm, go figure.

I caught most of "ER" tonight. It was a heartwrenching one. Even half an hour after it was over, I was still crying. *sniff* It touched upon things I would have a hard time dealing with...such as watching someone I love die or knowing that I had a very short amount of time to live, not having a chance to do everything I've always wanted, not being able to tell the people I care about what they mean to me, and to have a daughter that is as distant as a stranger. I often get email forwards about living each day to the fullest, etc...but how often do we really do that?
Anyhow, Aric called to tell me that he taped the entire Thursday Night line-up for me. Goody! I'll finally be able to see "Friends"! Matt Damon also guest stars on the "Will & Grace" rerun. YAY!

*YAWN*..I'm pooped. Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and Grandma at lunch

Dinner with family and extended family:
Wil, Ashlyn, Mom, Sis, Emily, Stella, Emily, Jenny, Heidi, Kavin, Tony, Dad, Amanda, and Tony

the kids: Vincent, Marisa, Emily, Miko, and Emily

me and Ashlyn with Wil, Mom, and Sis

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